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 Akira's Writing Journal

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Akira Udou
SWAT / Ex-Fang King

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PostSubject: Akira's Writing Journal   Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:20 am

..After I quit the world of ATs, pretty much, life has pretty much been the most boring thing on the planet. I go through the same routines every day, over and over, and really, it all just gets on my nerves. The only real fun that the SWAT Team provides me with is the occasional AT scenes that float about the city... but none of them are really that serious.
It's usually pretty retarded stuff, like someone peeing on a wall, or making a mark in the sidewalk with their brake. You can imagine how agonizing it is to nag at someone's who's so drunk to begin with, that he'll never understand what you're saying, no matter how much you lecture, how long you talk, or how loudly you say it.

With that being said, the only thing that has currently sparked my interest a little bit would probably have to be a club I caught on to at my university.
Photography. Yeah, yeah, I know you don't think I'm the type who struts around, taking blurry pictures and calling it art, but I really don't know. It seems fun. Sort of.

Criminal Justice courses are really boring,...

Ever since Ren and I broke up, I feel like I've been kinda stuck on fly paper or something. I'm not angsting about the relationship or anything, but I'm just stating the facts. It's pretty pathetic to admit this, but: I don't have any friends anymore.

It's possible I'll maybe pick up a couple at the Photography Club, but, eh, I doubt it. The only people who can recognize my face are previous fangirls, loyalist fangirls, loyalist fanboys, people wanting to kick my ass, people wanting to kiss my ass....
Basically, everyone who knows anything about AT.

Ah, crap. Kaito's pissed. This means that I must've been the one to lose the remote.

Because it's never him.
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Akira's Writing Journal
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