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 nuke star king

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PostSubject: nuke star king   Sun Jan 06, 2013 3:18 am

Nuke-Star King

Name- Skully



Physical Description- 5'11" tall, 162lbs, Hansom complexion (my face)

Hair- Dark Brown

eyes-Brown with a Green tint

Clothing- Likes to wear a black cloak with the Nuke-Star symbol in the back.

Personality- Has a funny and light-living personality when I am living in my car. When on the hunt with his team I am a stone cold killer with a heart.

Bio- After leaving middle school I fell in love with the girl of my life. After a few months she mysteriously disappeared, and I ran after her. After a few weeks of searching I found her out in the middle of the woods hiding in a small wooden house. I brought her home and found a pair of Ats on my front steps. I brought my love inside then ran to grab the Ats. When I put on the Ats i felt the power run through me. At that point my life changed. With my love and afew friends, wee traveled the streets at night protecting the innocent. We were not always the ones to be liked when we would have saved someone.
Road- The nuke road

Team- Nuke-Star

Air Trecks- High-traction wheels with the Nuke-Star symbol engraved on the top.

Other Information- Our team never stops until the roadblock is destroyed.
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nuke star king
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