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 character:"sky tooth" submission

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PostSubject: character:"sky tooth" submission   Sat Sep 24, 2011 8:17 pm

Character Registration Form

Name: James"sky tooth"baskov

Age: 18
Sex: male
Blood Type:AB-
Date of Birth: july 13th
Sexual Orientation: straight

Hometown: Mansfield, Massachusetts
Birthplace: Russia
Parents : none
Siblings :alice anna baskov
AT Information (optional):neon green wheels and orange frames with black for the shoe parts with orange streeks
Team Information (optional): none
Rank: F class
Team Rank:n/a


Endurance: 16 (How well you take attacks. Think health points.)
Stamina: 20 (How much energy you have before you get tired.)
Close Combat: 16 (How well you battle up close.)
Long Distance Combat: 15 (How well you battle from a distance.)
Ambush Attacking: 10 (How well you sneak up and ambush, or use quick attacks.)
Blocking: 16(How well you block attacks.)
Evasiveness: 20 (How well you dodge attacks.)
Speed: 17 (How fast you are.)
Strategy: 16 (How much your character thinks as he/she's actually fighting.)
Wallride & Trick:15 (Recovery moves. How well your character can fix being thrown off course, etc;)
Jump:14 (How much airmileage you can gain on opponents, etc;)
Reflexes:15 (How quickly your character can predict moves and counter attack.)

TOTAL: 180.

Height: 5"6"
Weight: 130
Hair Color: blackish with orange hilights
Eye Color: brown
Skin Color: ivory

Appearance: lean with a dancers frame. always have orange jeans that hang on his waist a bit but wide at the bottom. his left pant leg is always rolled up and exposing his green and black striped sock. always have his trusty small backpack that has a smiley face in the center. slim but large t-shirt that says"soul."in green letters and dark gray background on it with black sleeves. wears a smiley face pin thats place on his upper right part of his chest. semi-broad shoulders because he is lean. his eyes are big and he has a big upper lip. his hair is always in a afro which he has comb back and sometimes has it in a puffy ponytail with orange highlighs through it. he is semi-muscular.

Personality:he is very cool and laid back. a bit of a sarcastic jerk. but ultimately sleeps alot. he isnt lazy and gets work done around the house to increase his sleep time. he loves to dance. and ultimately carefree as long as he isnt crossed wrong. then he becomes sadistic and vicious bent on revenge. he also likes to over exagerate things to make them worse.

History: born in Russia he and his sister was immediately shipped off for reasons unbeknownst to them. they are twins so they take of each other, not knowing who there real parents are and only last names. they live in america for 18 years and he was never really cared to found out about his family's past. he feels that he has a chance to be great and things like that will tie him down. displaying a cold attitude towards families that are whole. he doesnt wish to have hes fine with his sister. he loves to dance especially at raves and that is were he had his first encounter with A'Ts. he met a rider who taught the ropes and had fun with this female rider. he later found out her name was Amanda and she was gonna die soon of cancer. heart streaken after her death, he decided to continue riding for her. he isnt interested in roads but claims to want the flame road. but after seeing agito in battle he wants the fang roads crown.

Casual Information

Likes: (What does your character like? There's a minimum of 5, but add more if you'd like.)

*watching A'T battles
*raves&dancing at them
*Like Here
*sleeping during the day
*blood(of those he doesnt like)
*tricks and runs.

Dislikes: (What does your character dislike? There's a minimum of 5, but you can add more.)

*party poopers
*anyone who crosses him he has a extreme dislike for.
*bad cooks
*lazyiness( he may sleep alot. but he gets everything done.

Hobbies: (Minimum of 3, but you can add more.)

*poetry.(sometimes brutal and twisted to his liking)

School Clubs: (Minimum of 2, but you can add more.)

Student Type:c-student

Fears:losing his road and not being able to take down agito. losing his sister.

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character:"sky tooth" submission
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