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 Introduce yourself to me please? ^ ^

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Julie T. Kiminisha
Storm Rider Groupie

Number of posts : 8
Age : 22
Location : Tokyo Japan, Originally from Kyoto [ in real life: Texas :'D ]
Registration date : 2011-09-05

PostSubject: Introduce yourself to me please? ^ ^   Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:19 am

I'll give you a short a "me-o" just to make it sound like "bio" so .. "Mi-o" ... yeah that works lol.

I'm Julie Tsubaki Kiminsha, I'm a girl who originally rode the bloody road but turned out to ride a unique road that's relatiively the same as the bloody road; the claw road.

"I put my marks on you, and you'll suffer alive instead of being dead-- there's more benefits in that then just killing you"
Short description of the claw road.... ;]

My friends are oblivious but they think I'm the "bloody road queen" , the thought of it kinda makes me barf but I dont know...

Age: 14
Blood type: Don't fucking know
Persona: Fuck you, Hiya ^w^ , .. sup.. , Yo, You Retard shit for brains arrogant faggot son of a bitch douche bag cool fucks wannabe, etc **LOL JUST FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF HOW I'M LIKE XD**
Relationship: None, and not easily interested.
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Introduce yourself to me please? ^ ^
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