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 Waka Waka!

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PostSubject: Waka Waka!   Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:03 am

Yep, I'm new, obviously lol!

Ironic that I only found this site from quizilla (I get bored easily geek)

But ANYWAY it peeked my interest (lol) so I decided to check it out Wink

Buuut just a bit of info lol

-I have an unnatural/unhealthy obsession with Agito xD

-I looooove writing (mainly RP's)

-Even though I cant understand Air Gear anymore because of all the damn plot that's being put into it I still read it (just for Agito/Akito/Lind though rofl)

-I CANT STAND YAYOI! So if you're a "fan" of her...dont talk about her with me because I'll get pissy. That or you'll get pissy because of me calling her a useless b*tch that needs to just go die and has no purpose in life. That and she's fat and ugly.

-I could put more...but I'm lazy and dont feel like it lol
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Waka Waka!
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