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 Mika's registration

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Mika Dee
Storm Rider Groupie

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PostSubject: Mika's registration   Sat May 15, 2010 4:51 am

Character Registration Form

Name: Mika Dee
Age: 15 years old
Sex: Guy
Blood Type : Unknown
Date of Birth: March 10th
Horoscope : Pisces
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Parents: Boris Dee (deceased), Ivana Dee (deceased)
Siblings: Simon Dee (unknown)
AT Information : Heavy At's with wheels that have different rotations (for increased traction, Moscow's streets are icy) Silver coloured, with a high-torque motor.
Team: None

Rank: F rank
Team Rank: No affiliation



Endurance: "20" (How well you take attacks. Think health points.)
Stamina: "15" (How much energy you have before you get tired.)
Close Combat: "18" (How well you battle up close.)
Long Distance Combat: "10" (How well you battle from a distance.)
Ambush Attacking: "15" (How well you sneak up and ambush, or use quick attacks.)
Blocking: "20" (How well you block attacks.)
Evasiveness: "10" (How well you dodge attacks.)
Speed: "17" (How fast you are.)
Strategy: "15" (How much your character thinks as he/she's actually fighting.)
Wallride & Trick: "15" (Recovery moves. How well your character can fix being thrown off course, etc;)
Jump: "12" (How much airmileage you can gain on opponents, etc;)
Reflexes: "18" (How quickly your character can predict moves and counter attack.)


Height: Approx. 6feet
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair Color: Chestnut/ light brown
Eye Color: Emerald green
Skin Colour: Pale

Appearance: Tall and thin with slightly wavy and kind of messy brown hair. A fairly serious expression, accentuated by long, dark eyebrows, with a slight slant. Nearly permanent earphones attached to a silver fourth generation ipod nano. A form-fitting dark t-shirt, with a sarcastically humorous design and straight-cut blue jeans that slide over the top of my AT's.

Personality: Alternating mix between serious and philosophical and carefree and fun-loving. In my free time I like to tune my At's, play video games and listen to music.

History: Born in Moscow in 1995, my family later moved to Tokyo city, to escape
from Russian mobsters.Unfortunately, my parents were both killed by said mobsters. I picked up AT's from my older brother Simon, after we escaped to Tokyo and have been practicing ever since, in hopes of returning to Moscow and avenging my parents. A few years after arriving in Tokyo, Simon disappeared mysteriously.

Casual Information

Likes: (What does your character like? There's a minimum of 5, but add more if you'd like.)

*Video Games

Dislikes: (What does your character dislike? There's a minimum of 5, but you can add more.)

*Cocky storm riders
*Pop music
*The authorities
*Restricted areas

Hobbies: (Minimum of 3, but you can add more.)

*Tuning At's
*Playing Video games
*Hanging with my crew (not an official team yet)

School Clubs: (Minimum of 2, but you can add more.)

*Tae Kwon Do
*Dungeons & Dragons

Student Type (optional): Lazy and not very studious, but I still pull it off with A's and B's, I'm enrolled in a fairly prestigious Middle Schools

Fears: I'm probably most afraid of those mobsters that killed my parents, but I also have a fear of the Ferris Wheel, it's too high, for too long, too slowly (but I do love roller coasters, because they're fast).
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Storm Rider Groupie

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PostSubject: Re: Mika's registration   Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:44 pm

Alternating mix between serious and philosophical and carefree and fun-loving. In my free time I like to tune my At's, play video games and listen to music.
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Mika's registration
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