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 charicter registration form/kevin lunaris

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PostSubject: charicter registration form/kevin lunaris   Fri Jan 29, 2010 3:01 am

Character Registration Form

Name: Kevin Lunaris

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Blood Type (optional): I would be more than happy to tell you if i knew. But the assholes at red cross wont let me donate. Some bull shit about my blood being unsafe because ive done my own peircings with a safty pin. They test the blood after they take it dont they. A guy trys to be nice and help those in need of it and gets turned away. Anyone else think this is bull shit.

Date of Birth: oct 2

Horoscope (optional): libra

Sexual Orientation: straight

Hometown: my hometown is a small town across the river from philladelphia. the name isnt important trust me. now i live on the streets of tokyo. ill sleep on a fire escape or a roof top somewhere most of the time. a freind will ocasionaly let me crash at there place, well im sure they would if i had any yet. ive become freinds with the owner of a bath house and intern for running some errands for him he will let me bath there. he is even nice enough to charge my AT batteries and my laptop for me. he is a real nice old man. mostly keeps to himself running the bathhouse. he has even hooked me up with some AT pats he has come across. nothing special but he was nice enough to get them so of course ill use them.

Birthplace: i was born in the USA. like i said small town across the river from phillidelphia. real nice little town. if someone didnt know you they knew one of ur freinds. everyone always willing to help one another. but it had its share of rumors. like that is was built ontop of an indian burial ground. creepy right?

Parents (optional): yea i have parents. they were real nice to. eccept they fought alot. but always made sure i was taken care of. food on the table, cloaths on my back all that shit. then i turned 19 and they kicked my ass out. i wasent there responsibilty anymore. o well fuck u mom and dad. now im in tokyo persuing the dream u said i would never achive. well i will be the bigest name the storm rider world has ever herd of. and i will be one of the kings.

Siblings (optional): i have a brother. though he got tired of all the bullshit at home. he seperated himself from it a long time ago. moved away and changed his name. last i heard he was actualy in or around tokyo. he said he wanted to be a game designer. i hope he has been succesful. maybe if i find him i can talk him into letting me stay at his place for awhile.

AT Information (optional): nothing special about my AT's. all black the way a prefer them. ill usual have midnight blue wheels on them. but if i cant get them black works fine. i wont use white wheels unless i have no other choice. like it has to be use white wheels or dont ride at all.

Team: (Put the Team Name you've been accepted into here. If you're just starting, you have no team yet.)
Team Information (optional): (Are you the leader of the team? What's the team's motives? Any rivalries or conflicts within the team? What about past battles, etc;?)
Rank: (Everyone who starts out is F. You'll gain skill as you RP.)
Team Rank: (What rank is the team?)



Endurance: "15" (How well you take attacks. Think health points.)
Stamina: "15" (How much energy you have before you get tired.)
Close Combat: "25" (How well you battle up close.)
Long Distance Combat: "5" (How well you battle from a distance.)
Ambush Attacking: "5" (How well you sneak up and ambush, or use quick attacks.)
Blocking: "25" (How well you block attacks.)
Evasiveness: "15" (How well you dodge attacks.)
Speed: "15" (How fast you are.)
Strategy: "20" (How much your character thinks as he/she's actually fighting.)
Wallride & Trick: "20" (Recovery moves. How well your character can fix being thrown off course, etc;)
Jump: "10" (How much airmileage you can gain on opponents, etc;)
Reflexes: "10" (How quickly your character can predict moves and counter attack.)


Height: 6'2''
Weight: 240
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Sapphire
Skin Color: Pale

Appearance: Lets start with my hair. Always styled into a mo hawk. But the sides of my head arent shaved bald just realy short. then i leave the middle long and style it into a mohawk. after im done styling it i will tie a black bandan around my head. resting ontop of that is a pare of red goggles. just the typical goggles that most storm riders wear. i have a chinstrap beard. but my beard isnt the same color as my hair. it fades into brown, then at my chin the brown fades into orange because of the irish i have in me. i always have a large pare of skull candy hesh headphones hanging around my neck. i have a small birthmark next to my left eye. whats left on my head is my peircings. i have both of my ears gauged to a zero. then i have a septum piercing. for those of u who dont know what that is it goes through the center cartalige of ur nose.
from there we can move ontp the torso and arms. i always have on a black short sleave t-shirt on. overtop of that a black navy p coat. it is never buttoned up and always has the collar poped. if i take of the coat its only because it will hinder me in a race or battle. when i take it off u can see the wristbands i have on. a black one on one wrist and a red one on the other. on my right arm a tribal tattoo matching the one scar has in full metal alchamist. my arms and chest are very muscular but this dosent cary to my stomac. my freinds call it the buda belly which makes me laugh. my shoulders are wide which can make if difficult to fit into small spaces. but ive come up with a trick to make up for that. ull just have to wait and see.
from there we move to the legs. black baggy jeans, only slightly rolled up at the bottom so they wont get snagged in my wheels. if my shirt ruffles up due to the wind or whatever u will see a black belt with silver studs. the buckle has a picture of a black bull with red eyes on it. it is a single rider emblum. a red metal malicia bandana is usualy hanging from my back pocket. ive already told u about my AT's, but if i dont have my AT's on ill have a pare of black and red vans on.

Personality: my personality and my looks do not match up at all. when people see me they will usualy be scared or intimidated of me. thats there loss, the ones that take the time to get to know me are the ones i dont want to scare anyway. in all honasty im a big teddy bear. i dont like to hurt people and will most likely feel bad if i have to resort to it. im very good for a hug and i go by the policy hand shakes are for strangers. if ur a freind and i havent seen u in awhile, or we are parting ways after hanging for a bit u better expect a hug from the big guy. sensless fighting is stupid and i will most likely walk away from it, u can insult me all ud like it wont faze me, but go after someone i care about and i crush ur skull under my AT's. i love music and my music taste fits my looks. punk/heavymetal kid.

History: i started riding a few years ago when one of my freinds got me into it. we started just riding around our town untill we got the hang of it. then we started riding over in philly. i was pretty well know, more for my kind hearted nature then my skills. But my skills werent something to underestimate. i never realy thought i was good enough for a team though. but alot of people used to go looking for a fight with me because my size. then a couple freinds found a way to get me inlisted as a single rider. i didnt even know it was possible. this changed most of those fights into races, but those who were good willed i would agree to fight with. a good humored fight isnt anything to feel bad about. simply two people who enjoy a good fight testing there skills against one another. after i got kicked out of my house i said goodbye to all my freinds and traveled hear to tokyo.

Casual Information

Likes: (What does your character like? There's a minimum of 5, but add more if you'd like.)

*The Used
*Breaking Benjamin
*Thousand Foot Krutch

Dislikes: (What does your character dislike? There's a minimum of 5, but you can add more.)

*Most Veggatables
*People who seem to be assholes for no reason
*People who look down on others
*Ill natured fighting
*Letting people down

Hobbies: (Minimum of 3, but you can add more.)

*Tinkering or fixing my AT's
*trying to crack AT incriptions with my laptop
*Grafitting the sickest walls i can find in tokyo

School Clubs: (Minimum of 2, but you can add more.)


Student Type (optional): i was the average student, never got into any trouble. my grades were A's and B's. Never realy did anything wrong...well i never got caught doing anything wrong anyway. i was a class clown of sorts, always loved making people laugh and i still do.

Fears: loosing the people i care about


back in philly i had a nickname. i stayed to the shadows when i rode and when i did come out i usualy tried to startle someone. the red goggles usualy looked like eyes to whomever i suprised. then because of my large stature, my dark cloathing and my odd septum ring peircing i got the nickname of ' The Bull's Shadow ' a nickname i hope follows me here. this explains the single rider emblum i use as a belt buckle.
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charicter registration form/kevin lunaris
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