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 and so a //S T O R M// b e g a n.

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PostSubject: and so a //S T O R M// b e g a n.   Tue May 26, 2009 3:12 am

So letís build a fucking fire.

I D E N T I T Y x kawaname, N A T S U M E
Forced to take the family name. Original last name was Akata.

S E X x M A L E

A G E x sixteen

S E X U A L I T Y x as S T R A I G H T as a circle, and as G A Y as a football. which makes no sense.


parents x
kawaname, S U I C H I Natsumeís adoptive mother. A quiet woman.
kawaname, H I Z O Natsumeís adoptive father. Has a large temper.
kawaname, J U N & S H I N Natsumeís adoptive twin younger brothers. Identical twins.
imai, M I K A N Natsumeís real mother. Was a gentle and caring woman. Kept her maiden name. She was to be married to a man by the name of Akata, Himaya, but he left her right before she passed. deceased
akata, H I M A Y A Natsumeís real father. Didn't know him. He left before he ever met him.

akata, E M I Natsume's half sister. Doesn't know her that well. But has a strong competiveness with her.

A T s x
Laced with neon green laces, Natsumeís ATs are raven black, having little much else that pops out, expect for a light blue stitching holding the leather material together. They are however the best that money could buy. Although not with his own money. Natsume stole this money from his adoptive father in order to obtain a nice pair, who never found out, luckily. He figured might as well buy the best pair for such a big risk.
R A N K x F

Until I am the fucking best.

Endurance x 25
Stamina x 21
Close Combat x 24
Long Distance Combat x 7
Ambush Attacking x 12
Blocking x 10
Evasiveness x 13
Speed x 10
Strategy x 7
Wallride & Trick x 21
Jump x 17
Reflexes x 13

T O T A L x 180

Every kid has a story.

H O M E t o w n x Osaka, Japan
B I R T H D A T E x August 23rd

H I S T O R Y x

Natsume only wishes he knew what it was like to have a real mother. She died at his birth. He's never even seen pictures of her or of his father. But he could care less about his father. He had never asked, but he had supposedly payed the Kawaname family to take him off of his hands. It pissed Natsume off, ecspecially since he is treated like a freak in this family.

It took a lot of digging but Natsume found out who his father was. And even more he found out his father was filthy rich, and had his own family already. It was easy to say that he had already labeled his father a dirty bastard. He was even more angrier when he found out that they were to move to Tokyo, very close to his father's home. Natsume threatened to reveal his father's little secret to the public if he didn't meet with him. One night they met, Natsume asked a few questions, but all in all, didn't really care about what this stranger had to say. It wasn't until this blue haired chick appeared that he showed any interest.

He found that he had a sister named Emi. And instant spark had grown between them, and after that he started to try and top her in everything they did. It was kept secret from everyone. Even Emi's own mother was to not find out. And if the public knew anything their father's pride and job would most likely be ruined. It's an uncanny similarity though.

╚Appearances can be D E C E I V I N G
You look as sweet as candy.

H A I R x deep sea B L U E
E Y E S x blue J A Y
S K I N x porclain
height x 5'3
W E I G H T x 125lbs.

A P P E A R A N C E x

A strike of anger is usually always upon this blue haired boyís face. Or maybe itís pain, simply covered by anger. But none the less itís hard to obtain a smile from this kid. Heís not to quick to show his emotions either, he doesnít like it when people can read him, so in most cases will try and keep a straight face, which usually just ends up turning into a pout. Heís also a little short for his age.

He doesnít put much thought into his clothes, he usually just throws things together. But in most cases he comes out looking fine. He has a laid back style, and doesnít really like to pop. He does tend to lean more towards long sleeved shirts and baggier clothes, though. And like wearing greens.

╚I was B O R N this way╝
Try to change me and just see what happens.

P E R S O N A L I T Y x

Natsumeís not one to wear his emotions on his sleeve. In fact he hates showing how he feels. Or when people ask him whatís wrong. Itís a rather large pet peeve of his because he always thought that what he felt was just his business. Opening up is something heís never done. Heíll usually remain indifferent on everything. He doesnít really have much friends, maybe an acquaintance, but no one he could ever actually call a friend. One trait easily pinned to him is stubbornness. He will never admit heís wrong no matter the situation.

One thing for sure, is that Natsume has a dark side. He enjoys torment. He gets a thrill from seeing things get hurt. He would never actually do anything serious, but he does like to fight. Itís more subtle though. He wonít purposely go out of his way to make someone feel terrible, but he wonít bother to make the person happy either. Itís more of a sick kick when he sees someone get hurt.

He doesnít enjoy being shy though, usually just waits for another person to approach him first. Heíll talk to people he find interesting enough but if you annoy him heíll probably just walk away. But when, on those rare occasions, when he pities someone, he actually will listen to a person.
Maybe deep down, if someone lookís hard enough, they could find Natsumeís innocence. Probably hiding in the deepest corner of his soul.

But all of this is thrown aside when it comes to Emi. If Emi is helping someone, he'll try and help them more. If Emi joins a club or sport, he'll join it just to top her. Truthfully, it takes Emi to get him to start to have fun. Living with the Kawaname family and knowing what he knows, he shut mostly everything out. Emi helps him actually l i v e.

H O B B I E S x
listening to music
when angry, fighting to blow off steam
mumbling to himself
enjoying the rain

L I K E S x
S O U R candies
pulling things A P A R T and putting them back together
sleeping under the S T A R S
cold A I R
Emi & beating her

dislikes x
sweet foods, like desserts
the heat
Mr. Kawaname
most people
Emi & losing to her

school clubs x
Kendo Club
After School Tutoring
Student Council (Only attended to Top Emi)

school x
Heís a terrible student, and usually doesn't take the time to try.

F E A R S x
Doesn't mind rain, but is terribly afraid of heavy thunder storms, attempts to hide it but usually fails. The true opinion of his sister.

E X T R A x
Will tell anyone what he thinks of that person, and wonít hesitate to call them something terrible. He has a bit of a S A I L O R Ď S M O U T H. Favorite color is L I M E G R E E N. Favorite book is the American book ĎThe Outsiders.í
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PostSubject: Re: and so a //S T O R M// b e g a n.   Tue May 26, 2009 3:40 am


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and so a //S T O R M// b e g a n.
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