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 [Y] ui [A] izawa {B itter A ftertaste}

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She Who Must Be Obeyed

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PostSubject: [Y] ui [A] izawa {B itter A ftertaste}   Tue May 26, 2009 2:27 am

S our C andy

Name : Y ui A izawa
A ge : S eventeen
S ex : F emale
B lood : O-
B irthday : J une E leventh
Star S ign : G emini
S exuality : H eavily leans lesbian, but considers males

H ometown : T okyo, J apan
B irthplace : N ew York City, U nited States
T eam : n/a
T eam I
nformation : n/a

Team Class : n/a
R ank : F

A ftershock

E ndurance : 15
S tamina : 15
C lose Combat : 15
L ong Distance Combat : 15
A mbush Attacking : 15
E vasiveness : 15
S peed : 15
S trategy : 15
W allride & Trick : 15
J ump : 15
R eflexes : 15
Total: 180

B rimless E nergy of S ort

H eight : F ive feet, S even inches
W eight : R efuses to share
H air Hue : G olden Flushed Blonde
E ye Hue : V iolet Hybrid
S kin Hue : P uffed Ivory

A ppearance : Y ui’s entire entity is composed of boundless energy, when it comes to physical appearance or even coming to her aura as a person. With bright blonde hair and a clear, mellow yet articulating voice, her presence is one that is hard to ignore. Her frame is slimmer than most, emphasizing her length more than width. Her curves are evenly proportional to the rest of her body. Her chest is a decent size, and at that, perky and healthy like the rest of her composition. She tends to wear some form of extreme expression on her face that is constantly varying. Ever since Atsuka once told her she had pretty legs, she started to frequently wear skirts and shorts, though she doesn’t draw much attention to it. She also tends to be extravagant with her hair, styling it with many accessories.

H istory : D uring her sophomore year of high school, Yui was once a charismatic class leade each day, the representative of her graduating year. Gaining almost instant popularity, her name quickly spread around the oceans of the student body, making her rise in ranking of interest.
One day, when turning in papers for some graduation project, she was asked to work together with the next year’s Student Council. Not knowing what to expect, the excited little blonde made her way towards the council room every day after school, as she was told to do by the administration and faculty. This is where she first met Atsuka, the notably lesbian Student Council president.
Dazzled by the vixen’s charm and spontaneous personality, Yui eventually found herself infatuated with the president, and constantly made up excuses to visit the temptress as often as she could grasp.
Amused with the blonde’s naïve and shy way of flirting, Atsuka lured Yui into the depths of classrooms in the heat of evening after Student Council meetings, when all students and teachers had left the school, to commit tribadism and other explicit forms of lesbianism.
This sort of relationship went on for a few months, Yui, now helplessly in love and each day and more eager than the last to get together with Atsuka, before some high school gossip hit her like a bus.

Overhearing something about Atsuka having sex with another girl whose name meant nothing, Yui became infuriated. Enraged by the gossip, the sophomore representative stopped showing up to the Student Council meetings, purposefully avoiding Atsuka and her afterschool “sessions” as the two of them had began to label their intercourse.
After a week had passed, Atsuka had located Yui and attempted to hook up with her as if nothing had happened. Captivated and unsure, the blonde went along with it.
At the end of their final session, Yui questioned the gossip, and Atsuka confirmed it. Atsuka was slapped in the face by a weeping Yui, who vowed to herself to never let the president feel true love.
Yui has been holding this grudge for roughly a year, now.

P ersonality : S he has always been energetic and feisty. Ever since the incident with Atsuka, she has been very jealous of anyone who hangs around the vixen. However, if one were to confront Yui about it, she would most certainly deny it. Nonetheless, whether out of envy, possessiveness or vengeance (as she claims the reason to be), Yui is determined to not allow anyone to get involved in a relationship with Atsuka. Moving on from that, Yui is almost what one would call bipolar, not quite mood swingy, but when she feels a certain emotion, she feels it to an exaggerant level, almost in an overbearing way (at times when she’s angsting, she tends to become almost suicidal, and when she’s angry she tends to turn violent). Though one might say this is considered emotionally unstable, this trait allows Yui to truly understand what each emotion is compiled of, ultimately making her a very talented and almost unmatched stage actor. She’s also known for being quite mischievous when it comes to getting her way. Unyielding and hot-tempered, Yui always sticks to her guns, and once following a path, has trouble switching roads. Within that strong mindset of hers is a vulnerable girl who just wants to be in a serious relationship with Atsuka, though she claims to be “over that succubus’s sick tricks”. The classic example of one of Atsuka’s victims; one of the more persistent ones, anyway.

Likes :
Furry Animals
Perfumes & Aroma Therapy
Sour Candy
Romance Novels
Dramatic Movies
Cute Pillows
Accessories and Jewelry

D islikes :

People romantically interested in Atsuka
People who are close friends with Atsuka
People who have any relation to Atsuka
Red Meat
Colorful Birds
Wearing Pants
Being Alone
Blood & Sweat
Having the Hiccups

H obbies :

E xtracurricular :
Theatre Arts
Photography Club / Yearbook
Honor Society

S tudent Type : Straight A’s.

F ears : Atsuka falling in love. Being alone.

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She Who Must Be Obeyed

Number of posts : 125
Age : 25
Location : TEXAS 8D
Registration date : 2008-04-05

PostSubject: Re: [Y] ui [A] izawa {B itter A ftertaste}   Tue May 26, 2009 2:36 am

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[Y] ui [A] izawa {B itter A ftertaste}
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