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 C@r3ful...Th!s 0ld d0g b!tes.

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PostSubject: C@r3ful...Th!s 0ld d0g b!tes.   Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:02 am

Konaru Ryuunosuke

Age: 18
Sex: Male
Blood Type: O+
Date Of Birth: December 25
Horoscope: Capricorn
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Original Hometown: Nagasaki, Japan
Current Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Birthplace: Dejima, Nagasaki
Parents: Seiburu (Father) and Nori-n (Mother) Ryuunosuke
Foster Parents: Seikyou (Father)
Siblings: Barou (deceased, Age 14) and Kyoudai (deceased, Age 16)

AT Information: Its not uncommon to see AT's all around the streets of Japan. Konaru's on the other hand...well...they're "unique". First for the paint details though. His AT's have a perleacant silver paint with a black fade. They also have blue lightning vinyls running along the left and right sides of both AT's from heel to toe. As an added bonus, his tires which are a milky white color, have lightning body patterns on the sides. The steel bracings which grip the tires to the body of the AT's are black. Now for the "unique" part. His foster father works as a sponser for street racers. He also owns certain portions of big name auto part industries as well as crews so he gets a steady stream of exclusive and modded parts. As a personal request, he asked for the teams to create, configure and modify parts for AT's. To get something beneficial out of it, he sells the parts to Konaru at a discount just so he wont lose money because the process and materials used in creating the parts are extremely pricy. He also taught Konaru how to mod cars and there parts, so modifying his AT's came easy.

Team: N/A
Team Information: N/A
Rank: F
Team Rank: N/A


Close Combat:10
Long Range Combat:5
Wallride & Tricks:20


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 173 lbs
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Metallic silver
Skin Color: Typical caucasion with a slight tan

Appearance: Konaru's is not really one big on fashion. He just sees something in his closet and slaps it on. It serves its purpose. Why bother buying 50 new shirts when he can make due with 10...and a jacket. A jacket made from the finest of black leathers...who am I kidding, this kid is broke. He practically bought his "favorite" jacket for nothing. The only reason he likes his jacket is because of the fuzz trim on the hood...and its black. Makes him feel fancy. Other than his no taste in clothing, he's somewhat buff. Not neccessarily "ripped" or muscles bulging out of his body but he does have enough muscle to back up his talk and help him out of a scrape or two. The one thing that is always on his person is his dog tags that belonged to his father.

Personality: Its weird. No matter how crappy a life he's had, he's always managed to keep an optimistic view on life as well as an acceptance of whatever happens. This being the fact, it also makes him unsentimental. Ironically enough he's sociable. He's not neccessarily one to start small talk but doesn't mean he wont try though. He has alot of qualities that contradict themselves, which makes him a rather strange being. Deep inside though, he has a seething hatred that he bares to almost all things but he never lets it show because it makes him feel weak.

History: Konaru's had a crummy life. It started like any Dejima dwelling family. His father worked as an engineer and technician in a processing plant developing auto parts while his mother stayed at home. It went pretty well as time passed and his brothers were given birth to 2 years apart from each other. His father treated them well. There were no worries and they had a pretty good life. As Konaru has learned, good things don't last. Finances in his father's job began to drop. They had to cut back on they're luxurys and it was a hard transition. Soon after that, things only became worse. At the age of 14, his father's business shutdown and he had to go search for a job. His father gave up looking after so long & had no choice but to join the military. His mother was left to look after them. At age sixteen, Konaru had to drop out of highschool in Dejima to find a job. He managed to find one but it wasn't in one of the most safest areas to be in. The area he was in had numerous thugs and gang members roaming the streets. He was beaten several times for encroaching on their territory but he had no option but to endure. His mother turned from a gentle and sweet woman to one of bitter hatred and hostility. She came to hate her children and ultimately blamed them for everything that came to pass. She started to abuse them which only made things that much harder for Konaru. To make matters worse, they recieved news that his father had died overseas. The only things they had to remember him by was a letter which only said "Stay strong" and his dog tags. Finally, Social Services found out about their living conditions and relocated them with a family in Tokyo. Not before the thugs decided to hit him with one last blow. They targeted his brothers & beat them. They had to go to the ER but in the end, they died from their injuries. Konaru fell into a depression and left for Tokyo. After that not much happened. He settled in with his new family. He reinstated his education and transfered into his new highschool. One day at the age of 18, he came across a run down pawn shop which had his "would be AT's". Fortunatly his foster father decided to cover him. In exchange, Konaru had to work for him after school. There he was introduced to cars and auto parts.

Likes: Video games, Cars, AT's, AT parts, going to auto shows and game conventions.

Dislikes: provoked, getting into heated arguments, being called weak or a wuss, proven wrong, disloyalty, and not being on equal terms

Hobbies: Working out, tweaking and cleaning his AT's, playing video games and working on cars

School Clubs: Gamers Inc. and Track

Student Type: He's somewhat of an exemplary student, though he tends not to show it. He's more like that weird kid who sits in the corner. When in class he more focuses on his work than other trivial matters. He doesn't have much of anything else to focus on really.

Fears: Losing someone or something of sentimental value, dying, losing purpose in his goals and so forth.
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PostSubject: Re: C@r3ful...Th!s 0ld d0g b!tes.   Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:17 pm

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C@r3ful...Th!s 0ld d0g b!tes.
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