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PostSubject: [R0MAN | ALEXANDER]   Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:13 pm


Name: Roman Alexander

Age: 17
Sex: Male
Blood Type: AB-
Date of Birth: April 9th, 1991
Horoscope: Aries
Sexual Orientation: No Homo

Hometown: Beverley Hills, CA
Birthplace: Beverley Hills, CA

Rank: F
AT Information: Jet Black AT's (with the occasional silver streaks running throughout the frame) bought from the local Costco


Endurance: "20"
Stamina: "15"
Close Combat: "33"
Long Distance Combat: "1"
Ambush Attacking: "1"
Blocking: "15"
Evasiveness: "15"
Speed: "15"
Strategy: "30"
Wallride & Trick: "1"
Jump: "15"
Reflexes: "20"

TOTAL: 180.


Height: 6"2
Weight: 173 lbs.
Hair Color: Originally Soft Russet, Prone to change in order to accomodate various disguises
Eye Color: Frosted Slate
Skin Color: Cream

Possessing above average height for an American boy his age, he towers over the little midget people of Japan. Roman has genetically acquired a medium-long length messy mop of Soft Brown/Russet hair from his mother's side, which has a tendency to sway randomly of its own accord whenever he moves. He has few facial expressions in his arsenal, as his face is often frozen by default into a blank stare. In addition to this zoned out expression, his eyes are noticeably glossy and "dead" looking. The combination of these zombified eyes, messy appearance, and lack of variety in his facial expressions, there is a misconception that he is often unaware of his surroundings, and significantly dim.

His lack of interest in his outward physical appearance (clothes and whatnot) gives him a somewhat disheveled and listless appearance, and his fashion sense can be described as dull and boring at best. Despite his rather poor sense of material needs, Roman is a fitness fanatic, dedicating several hours a day towards the physical maintenance of his body. As a result, his body is finely chiseled, possessing loads of lean compact muscle, and little to no body fat. It should be noted because of his tendency to wear somewhat loose and airy clothing, that this gives him a long and lanky appearance, putting off the effect that his muscles would otherwise have.

Personality: Roman has a cold and distant outward personality, seeming almost machine like in his drive to achieve goals. However, this exterior "mask" serves to cover the goofy and often delusional views that are simmering beneath the surface. He can be considered hot-head, impulsive, and often ridiculously judgmental and stereotypical. Despite this, he is heavily impressionable, and as such, steadily "evolves" his personality through the experiences and ordeals he undergoes, leading him to reconsider certain aspects of his character.

Brash, highly competitive, and proud, he takes all things in life head-on, refusing to backdown or compromise or use any sneaky tricks to accomplish his goals.

As one of the few American's residing in Tokyo, he feels responsible to act the part. A Brigadier, Clint Eastwood-Cowboy he worships the ideal of manliness, and has a very outspoken disdain for the "meterosexual" state of the world. Despite his material prominence, he also holds an intense disdain for the materialism of the world, desiring for the ancient and chivalrous times of the past, which he feels is now lost in the world.

His thinking is riddled with contradictions, influenced by the media and various other popular outlets of information. Despite the logical and straightforward teachings that were ingrained to him by his father, since then he has developed a much less conventional approach towards life. Although retaining his instincts to analyze a situation and plan accordingly, he has a tendency to throw caution to the winds.

In spite of this, some have been sincerely charmed by his personality, and he treasures each and every one of these relationships seriously. Unfortunately, as of yet, he has yet to achieve any sort of foothold in the domain of romance, and continues to research into that ungodly complex subject in hopes of one day experiencing a true romance. In short, he is a walking contradiction. Despite his aloof, haughty, and at times, arrogant attitude, beneath it all he harbors an intense explosion of emotions of every sort. A merging of instinct and intellect, results in the American Golden Boy Roman Alexander.

The Alexander Dynasty, has a long and proud history of producing highly decorated individuals, in subjects ranging from Art, to Science, and in particular, the Military. However, despite their material wealth and many successes, too many female children, and the rare occurrence of male children, has plagued the House of Alexander for many generations. As a result, every year they are on the verge of extinction, often being faced with having to marry into other families.

The birth of Roman Alexander was seen as a blessing by the gods, and as a result, he was absolutely spoiled rotten by his family, particularly by his mother and sisters. Spending his early childhood rampaging through the grounds of the expansive Alexander Family Manor in Beverley Hills, California, he grew into an unruly and wild child, arrogant, and snobbish. His father, a retired and highly decorated US General, now a prominent Oil Tycoon, saw this development of his only son, the heir to the Alexander dynasty, as unacceptable.

Spirited away from his doting mother and sisters, young Roman was immediately thrown into "The Gauntlet", a particularly difficult and intense military bootcamp designed towards whipping young boys into shape. Receiving the best in military education, Roman spent most of his childhood and early adolescence in The Gauntlet. Under the watchful eye of his father, Roman went from spoiled brat, to a soldier. The trials he experienced ultimately served to shape his current character and habits, as well as his outlook and basis of reasoning in life.

While a student at The Gauntlet, he became enamored and interested in the great conquerors and big names in history, particularly Alexander the Great, Napolean, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, and various other names. The seed was implanted inside him, a growing desire to carve his name into the annals of history as those before him had. He was an Alexander after all, and by nature, his ambition was great.

Researching a potential tool that he could use to vault him into history, alongside the names of the great conquerors of history. By chance, he found a magazine article about the rampant AT scene in Japan. Interested, he researched more into ATs, learning about Trophaem, Regalia, and Parts Wars. Seeing this as the tool he had been looking for, he became involved in a foreign transfer program, going to Japan under the pretenses of "learning more about Japanese culture". He was transferred to Raienmaru High School, at his personal request, as it seemed to be an epicenter of Storm Rider activity. He is currently struggling to set the gears in motion for his "conquest", however he had miscalculated the skill and the overall ability of the Japanese Storm Riders, as well as his own ability as a rider (riding ATs was alot harder than it looked), delaying his plans indefinitely.

Casual Information


*United States of America
*Nerds (The Candy)


*Nerds (The People)


*Working Out
*American Football

School Clubs:

*American Football Club
*We Love USA Club

Student Type: Roman is a bright boy, but an absolutely terrible student. During his rare appearances in the classroom, he is prone to storming out to accomplish a self-designated mission. These outbursts are random, and often result from an internal monologue with himself, which have been forgotten, only to be picked up at another time. He has never stayed the full length of class in his entire high school career.

Fears: Roman is completely terrified of Homosexuals. He does not fully understand the notion that people would pursue sexually active relationships with people of the same gender, and like everything he does not understand, he possesses a particular disdain for Homosexuality.


Being raised in an Aristocratic Setting, He is fluent in many languages, including but not limited to: Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Ebonics
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PostSubject: Re: [R0MAN | ALEXANDER]   Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:20 pm



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