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Kiyoshi Onizuka
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PostSubject: New Sections   Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:41 am

This may just be me at the moment but likely as not it will crop up in the future as more people join. Not all RPers will want young characters. Having a section for a college, like Tokyo University or something, would be great for people looking to play older characters.

Also you don't have a sub forum for the Wind G-Men headquarters! How can I join them if they don't have a sub-forum? Having people in this group would be a great plot tool as well. Who knows what kind of trouble they could stir up in the AT world?

I'd totally understand if you guys can't get them up at the moment since I'm the only one it'd pertain to but if any headway can be made with this I'd greatly appreciate it.

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New Sections
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