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 Ivan Petrovovich: The Crimson Blade

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PostSubject: Ivan Petrovovich: The Crimson Blade   Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:17 am

Character Registration Form

Name: Ivan Petrovovich

Age: 22
Sex: Male
Blood Type: A-
Date of Birth: May 15
Horoscope: Taurus
Sexual Orientation: Straight, with latent bisexuality.

Hometown: Moscow Russia
Birthplace: Moscow Russia
Parents: Diedrich and Susan Petrovovich, both are deceased.
Siblings: Erika Petrovovich, deceased
AT Information: Ivanís A-Tís are boots that are designed for power. They are gunmetal gray and that run up just below his knees. They are laced all the way up and are tied tight to his immense leg muscles. They A-T themselves are set up like roller skates, with two axels containing two wheels, however they have three axels instead of two. They are also extremely unique in that instead of having regular wheels, they have thick treads for use in riding on any surface. He also has knives installed in the toes of both A-Tís, turning him into a deadly weapon.
Team: No Team yet.
Team Information: N/A
Rank: F
Team Rank: N/A


Endurance: "30"
Stamina: "26"
Close Combat: "27"
Long Distance Combat: "1"
Ambush Attacking: "3"
Blocking: "20"
Evasiveness: "15"
Speed: "8"
Strategy: "10"
Wallride & Trick: "21"
Jump: "9"
Reflexes: "10"

TOTAL: 180.

Height: 6 feet 6 inches
Weight: 255lbs
Hair Color: Platinum Blond with one red streak.
Eye Color: Slate Gray
Skin Color: Fair white

Appearance: Ivan is a hulking monster of a man. He towers above most at 6í6Ē, and every inch of his 255 pound frame is covered in muscle. His body is so built that he only has 2.5% of his body weight as fat. Ivan has slate gray eyes that have a cold, unemotional cast. They seem to stare right through people. His whole body is a thick mass of muscle, and veins stick out all over his arms. His jaw is thick and powerful, and his neck is wide and also muscular. His platinum blond hair is done in a Mohawk with a red streak going down the middle. His usual outfit is a camouflage tank top and a pair of black jeans. When he isnít wearing his A-Tís, Ivan wears a pair of black steel toed boots. When he doesnít shave, he gets thick blond stubble, however Ivan nearly always shaves unless unable to. He also always wears a pair of knifes at his side, and keeps one in his boot as well. If thereís one thing that Ivan trusts, itís his knives.

Personality: Ivan has an extremely simple-minded and straightforward personality. It runs on the basis of ďget this done, and then move on to the next task.Ē Due to Ivanís military upbringing, he doesnít really understand emotions. When his latent emotions begin to interact with his standard callousness, he gets confused and begins to lost track of a situation. The only emotion Ivan is really comfortable with is anger, which is the only one heís ever been taught to release. In social situations, Ivan stands tall and silent, merely staring down anyone who tries to talk to him. When alone, Ivan completes all tasks assigned to him, and then starts to work out. With the introduction of A-T, however Ivan has begun to long for freedom he has never known. However, he also doesnít know what this freedom is, so the A-T both confuse and entice him.

History: Ivan was orphaned at a very young age. His parents were caught in a nuclear reactor meltdown while working there. He and his sister Erika lived on the streets of Moscow for a few years, eating garbage and fighting other street urchins to survive. At the age of 6, Ivanís sister was raped and killed by two vicious street gang members, even though she was only 5. In a rage, the 6 year old Ivan ripped their throats out and sat numbly as the police carried him away. When heíd arrived in prison, two military officers came and sized him up. After gathering his history from the police officers, the two military men took him to a special Spetznaz training camp. He was trained for the next twelve years to become an efficient agent. He was taught to survive in every condition and to fight in nearly every known style. For the next four years after that, he was sent on various missions around the world,successfully infiltrating enemy camps and delivering required intelligence to his superiors. His emotions were buried in a steel covering, frozen like the ice of his motherland. Then he was sent on a mission to Japan, to kill a mob boss who was threatening Russia. Ivan fled when confronted with having to actually murder a man, and was unable to continue with his service in the Spetznaz. He decided to settle down in Tokyo and eke out his living as a bouncer at a dance club. While in Japan, Ivan saw A-T, and for the first time actually felt something. Confused and unsure what to do, he defected and currently hides in Tokyo. He rented a flat and furbished it with a weight training set and a closet and a cot, all he needed to keep comfortable. The years of wages he had built up had been plenty to cover the flat, the furnishings, the clothes, and his A-T. Now with a new lease on life, Ivan has finally started to make his own identity.

Casual Information


Working Out
A Challenge


Gang Members


Working Out
Survival Training
Combat Practice

School Clubs:

Was in Advanced Knife Combat in Spetznaz Academy
Advanced Survival Class in Spetznaz Academy

Student Type: Not particularly intelligent, but competent. He preferred all of his physical classes, and excelled in those.

Fears: Ivan occasionally has flashbacks to his harsh childhood, which frighten him.


Nickname: The Crimson Blade. Named so for his skill with a knife, Ivan was feared in terrorist syndicates worldwide due to his reputation for ruthlessness in any form of combat. He is currently being tracked by Spetznaz who wish to reinstate him as well as by a terrorist syndicate in Tokyo known as the Black Snow Syndicate.

Last edited by Riku Snow on Wed Feb 18, 2009 7:56 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : I created it so that he isn't really a killer, so that should work, right Etsuu?)
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PostSubject: Re: Ivan Petrovovich: The Crimson Blade   Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:30 am

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Ivan Petrovovich: The Crimson Blade
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