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 re bel li on ~>>[re] i n c a r n a t e d ::

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PostSubject: re bel li on ~>>[re] i n c a r n a t e d ::   Sun Feb 15, 2009 5:42 pm

the {ULTiMATE} hYBRiD ::
Name: Matsumoto Takanori.
Alias: " Ruki "
Age: 17.
Sex: Female.
Blood Type: O-.
Date of Birth: February 14th.
Horoscope: Aquarius.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.
Hometown: Shibuya, Tokyo.
Birthplace: Nagasaki, Nagasaki.
Parents: Shuunsuke Takanori [Father]; Alicia Takanori (Formerly Alicia Montenegro) [Mother]
Siblings: None.
AT Information: After saving her money for freaking ages ... Matsumoto finally earned enough money to personalize her own ATs to imitate her black knee-length Dr. Marten boots. There isn't much to it besides the resemblance to her actual boots.
Rank: F.

Endurance: 15
Stamina: 15
Close Combat: 15
Long Distance Combat: 15
Ambush Attacking: 15
Blocking: 15
Evasiveness: 15
Speed: 15
Strategy: 15
Wallride & Trick: 15
Jump: 15
Reflexes: 15
TOTAL: 180.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Hair Color: Naturally black, but bleached and dyed to a lavender tone.
Eye Color: Huckleberry blue.
Skin Color: Ivory.
Appearance: This hybrid beauty isn't one to thrive upon the normalcy that overrides most of her generation. Ditching the pastel colours that are usually forsaken on every girl since birth, her mother always selected deep reds, morbid grays and blacks, with white hints every now and then. Mainly because of the fact that Alicia was an avid death-metal fan and her own wardrobe was mostly compiled of the same colour scheme It wasn't until her early teenage years that Matsumoto started to delve into other colours; her new ordained favourites being purple, orange, and surprisingly, pink.As expected, she grew up with an intense affinity for the rocker/punker look that was deemed ' normal ' in her family -- which, in turn, made her parents extremely proud. That being noted, she was inclined to buy clothing with the visual kei influence and some reverting styles such as EGA or EGL. She can't stand clothing that just screams ' plain ' and ' unexciting, ' because she has this obsession with vanity all things related that state you should look glamorous every single day. Not like some society-formed sucker who follows everything that they tell them to -- in this case, the way to dress. If she had to pick what were her favourite brands, then they'd probably be: SEX POT ReVenGe, h. NAOTO, HELLCATPUNKS, LISTEN FLAVOR, and SEXY DYNAMITE. Concerning jewelry, she's really huge on owning only Vivienne Westwood due to the British drive most of her punk collection bestows.

Naturally, she was born with black hair since her father's Japanese genes overrode mostly all of her Punnet Square. But since her own mother and father both dyed their hair since youth, she as bound to follow the family tradition and to do away with the nativeness that poured her into the Japanese society. And since purple was her favourite colour, she made suit to reach the lavender shade without fail. There's one thing segregates her from her parents though -- that being the fact that she'd rather keep her hair short and disheveled rather than long and tidy like her mother's. Thanks to Alicia's Argentinian genes, Matsumoto was blessed with a cyclone-like figure that made countless marvel in obvious yearn. A moderate B-into-C-cup crowns her chest, and since her choice of clothing is usually revealing, it's no wonder she gets stared down. The figure wasn't the only thing she got to inherit though, the pair of brilliant blue eyes were also a lovely attribute -- which was more than great, because she wasn't down to carry all of her father's native genes.

- Bass.
- Punk/Rock music.
- Visual kei clothing.
- Smoking.
- Performing.
- Reading.
- Candy/sweet stuff.
- Pretty girls.
- Pink stuff.
- Creeply cute stuff.

- Going to school.
- Dragging her dad off the kitchen table.
- Searching for her mother whenever she wanders off.


School Clubs: Music Appreciation.
Student Type: D & F-student. Usually never comes to school, because of the fact she's either suspended or too lazy to walk.
Fears: Never seeing Nana again.

Personality: A pompous and sinister rebel by nature, Ruki is usually depicted as intimidating when it comes to others' opinions. Her temper is beyond normal measures, which tends to break much too often. She admits to it, too, since she could care less what other people think about her. The only thing that matters is what she thinks about herself, and if she's comfortable and content with everything she's doing. That's how it's been for the vast part of her life, and that's exactly the way she wants to keep it. Pride is embedded in her personality not just because she was raised on the concept, but because she knows she's above average and displaying it will make it twice as better. A stubborn egoist that loves to flaunt but doesn't trust easily, you could say. She doesn't take shit from no one, and if the point of collision comes into mind, she won't back down. Like, she will literally maul you down and sock your poor face until it turns purple or at least bleeds somewhere. Regardless of that though, people still push her buttons, and continue on doing so until she just bursts. Because of this, she's been in way too many fights at school, and is usually seen kicking it in the Discipline office waiting for Alicia to pick her up for another suspension.

Aside from her aggressive nature, Ruki is actually pretty ... kind-hearted and completely optimistic. Towards her few real friends -- or in other terms, her band memebers -- she demonstrates just how much she cares by going out of her way to please them and make sure they're alright and what-not. When it comes to them, she's morbidly selfless -- and when I say morbidly, it's because she would much rather give up her bowl of rice to her band members and starve herself, than eat it. Regardless of how fucked up the situation is at home with money, she never forgets a birthday and will purposely mortify herself if the mistake ever does cross her path. Her tremendous efforts and sacrifices make her the leader of the band; they all look up to her and admire her determination to succeed and climb up on chart.

History: Matsumoto's family is ... uh, complicated, to say the least. Her mother is an emotionally unstable woman who thrives on the simplest things that really do her no good. In turn, she resorts to simply leaving whatever vicinity she is in and mindlessly roam the streets without care. Because of this idiocy, the poor woman has gotten in several accidents that have brutally marked their existence on the Argentinian's body. A broken wrist, arm, and heel. All on separate occasions, of course. The littlest things get to her; but it's mostly all of the insults that come from Shuunsuke that really affect her. And since Shuunsuke does too many drugs to even comprehend what he's saying, things just sort of get out of hand.

When they first started dating, everything was how all those sappy-ass novels made it seems -- engrossed in the feeling, obsessed with the party that wouldn't end, and absolute ecstasy. Marriage had seemed easy to the two, and it *was* easy at first -- but then Shuunsuke got fired from his job at the record store for being way too high to work the register. Alicia was a stay-at-home wife, so having Shuunuke not working was really bad for her and the baby she expecting to deliver. Shuunsuke wouldn't stop doing drugs, and Alicia really couldn't convince him otherwise. So, with her last hope resting on her family relatives that owned an Argentinian restaurant in hibuya, Tokyo, she dragged along the love of her life to the new city. At that time, Shuunsuke had been too tired to even reject her offer, so by the time he had woken up, they had already arrived in Shibuya and nestled into the Hispanic-themed residence. In their new city, he tried getting a job at the local supermarket down the street from Alicia's relatives' restaurant. When the process had finally gifted him with the opportunity to work, Shuunsuke sort of put a halt on his drug use (really because he had no money to buy any). It was only temporary though, and once Matsumoto was born, he sunk back into the addiction he had crawled slightly out of. Alicia didn't mind it -- she never did, because she " loved him for who and what he was. " Once she was good enough to walk, Alicia started working in the family restaurant to cover Matsumoto's needs, and the day-care center she took child to. As the years rolled by though, Matsumoto started taking advantage of the freedom she was literally given and did whatever she wanted with what little allowance Alicia could give her. But receiving so little at such an age was difficult for Matsumoto, since she desired only to have the best equipment for her interest in one day joining a band. Once Ruki had turned fourteen, Shuunsuke was jobless once again and more addicted than ever.

While Alicia dealt with his violent demeanor at home, Ruki started attending high school for her first year and this is where she sort of met her band. One by one, of course, since she wasn't too good at befriending people back then. Honestly, he was actually afraid of going to high school because she thought maybe everyone was going to point their fingers at her and charge her on faults she wasn't responsible for. Then she met the music club's president, Nana Kczmar and fell hard -- even if it was female to female, Ruki just couldn't resist. I guess that defines the fact she's a lesbian, because the simple thought of penises makes her want to vomit. Whereas girls are much more appealing in their budding stage and their pretty faces make up for whatever they may be missing. Anyways. After over a year of friendship, the two had initiated Matsumoto's dream of constructing a punk band -- with Matsumoto as the bassist and Nana as the vocalist. As a duo, they were remarkable and this sort of magnificence lured in the rest of the band members Ruki had wanted so bad. After the group has successfully made a single to broadcast around the area, they started getting called to perform in gigs -- which made everyone quite happy and what-not. But as the band started progressing in different aspects, Nana started distancing herself from the rest of the band. Often coming to practice late, or not even bothering to show up -- all the pieces were falling together, and when it came down to Ruki yelling at her, Nana had announced she was leaving the band and going to join another one. One where she was surely going to obtain the fame she so desperately wanted at a super fast pace, not the sluggish one that Ruki's band was offering. It was a betrayal Matsumoto would have never expected, since they had been best friend ever since and she practically idolized and loved Nana beyond measure. To say it impacted her negatively would be lieing, because it did more than impact Matsumoto -- it scarred her.

Pretty soon Alicia's relatives got fed up with Shuunsuke's shitty lifestyle, and demanded that she takes her family to live somewhere else. Deeply affected by the demand, the three set a move towards the more urban parts of the city in order to start over again. They settled in after a month or two, and Matsumoto enrolled in the new high school with rejuvenated optimism that someday Nana would be their vocalist again. And she's still hoping on it till today. And so, while Shuunsuke injects his life away on Heroine, Alicia does this part time job as a waitress at an American diner. She's secretly a great cook, so pulling some strings at the diner will probably come in handy if she wants to get a raise as an apprentice cook. Matsumoto continued going to Shibuya for band practice; the group is still on the look out for a new vocalist that could bring back the flow that Nana had left MIA months ago. And then yeah.
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PostSubject: Re: re bel li on ~>>[re] i n c a r n a t e d ::   Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:56 pm

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re bel li on ~>>[re] i n c a r n a t e d ::
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