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 «V.ali.ent» {Emi}

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PostSubject: «V.ali.ent» {Emi}   Sat Feb 14, 2009 2:20 am

Emi Akata.

Age 16.
Blood Type A.
Date of Birth Febuary 14th.
Horoscope Aquarius.
Sexual Orientation No comment.
Hometown Tokyo, Japan.
Birthplace Tokyo Hospital.
Parents Junnko & Himaya.
Siblings none.
AT Information Emi's ATs are a combination of blues and greens. There's nothing special about them, they're actually very plain, she does have a red star charm hanging off one of her lace holes though.
Rank f.

Never Let it Rest.

Endurance: 14
Stamina: 16
Close Combat: 12
Long Distance Combat: 15
Ambush Attacking: 15
Blocking: 14
Evasiveness: 17
Speed: 15
Strategy: 19
Wallride & Trick: 14
Jump: 14
Reflexes: 15
TOTAL 180.

So just, effing, fight.

Height 5 feet. 11 inches.
Weight 127 pounds.
Hair Color Haze Blue.
Eye Color Ruby Red.
Skin Color Blossomed Peach.
Appearance Emi was never really interested in her fashion, yet no matter what she wears she always seems to pull it off. She prefers long sleeves over short sleeved things, but in the summer she'll usually have on tanktops and shorts. And she has a habit of having two identical barrets in her hair, on each side. During riding she prefers things loose and comfortable, and she loves keychains and chains.

Personality Emi has a very colorful personality. She's generally happy, and will enjoy people's company. But when anything comes to a threat she won't play around. She's actually a bit of a punk, in her past she was a complete y a n k i. She didn't really know how to deal with problems, so she was part of a gang of bad-do-ers, which although they were always in trouble, she became very close to these people. When it comes to others peoples opinions she coulde care less. She ignores people who judged based on looks. Most of the time she's energetic and bouncy, she's barely ever lazy. And she has a habit of being very stubborn, she wouldn't ignore a challenge. Even though she comes off as a mean person, she enjoys seeing a smile on peoples faces.

History Emi has a very prestigious family, her father is the line of a very rich business. Emi's father was always very disapproving of her since he wanted a male that could take on his heir, which probably lead to her outbursting behavior. Even her mother didn't approve of her own daughter. Other than her gang, she was usually left only with the cleaning crews in their house, but she always attempted to stay happy.

My own t r e a s u r e b o x.

playing the violin
fitting in
her very few friends
music, ecspecially a song with nice lyrics
wind chimes

stupid people
her father
people who fight ones weaker then them
being someone she's not

singing, she has a rather nice voice
playing the violin

School Clubs
Student Council
Cooking Club

Student Type due to the constant pressure and getting in trouble, Emi grades falter around C's and A's.

Fears being rejected from her family, becoming useless, because it will prove her father's point.

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PostSubject: Re: «V.ali.ent» {Emi}   Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:36 am

a p p r o v e d
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«V.ali.ent» {Emi}
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