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 To All Who It May Concern...

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PostSubject: To All Who It May Concern...   Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:23 am

This is the board where you will post only in your character accounts (except for me here, cuz I'm an admin). You can start a roleplay either as a canon character or an OC that you have won the position of, but before you start a roleplay, you should probably organize it with the corresponding members through PM, that way, you don't get stuck in a board, questioning everything.

Oh! Also, OC characters are NOT limitted to falling for OC character's only. Everyone has their shot at each other. The only people that are officially recognized as a couple in this roleplay forum are Sora Takeuchi and Rika Noyamano, and even they may be broken up by some... great ingenius canon character. o.o;; Everyone be respectful towards one another's feelings, we don't want computer nerds crying because their made up didn't end up with who they wanted them to.... >_<;;;

Well. Get Started.


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To All Who It May Concern...
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