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The Second Queen, Who Must Also Be Obeyed

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PostSubject: k.e.n.i.c.h.i.;;.h.i.d.e.y.o.s.h.i.   Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:56 pm


Age: 17.
Sex: Male.
Bloodtype: AB-
DOB: January.7th
Horoscope: Capricorn.
Orientation: Homosexual.
Hometown: Tokyo. Japan.
Birthplace: Tokyo. Japan.
Team: n//a
Team info: n//a
Rank: F//class
TeamRank: n//a

Endurance// 15
Stamina// 10
Close Combat// 5
Long Distance Combat// 15
Ambush Attacking// 25
Evasiveness// 25
Speed// 15
Wallride & Trick// 10
Jump// 5
Reflexes// 10

TOTAL// 180.

{ }

Kenichi is a silent, gorgeous type, and carries himself with strength and stealth. He likes to avoid being the center of attention so he can watch people and judge them, thus resulting in his untouchable aura. People admire him for being intelligent, good-looking, and a worthy secretary for the student council, but typically lack the courage or tolerance to approach him.
His movements and body are graceful, and he is in no way awkward. But unlike a prince, which seems a suitable comparison to grace, he is not kind or charitable. He has a deep, scrutanizing gaze and an intimidatingly handsome face. His body, besides being graceful in movement, is slim, but not small. He has a "seme" oriented body.

Kenichi is shallow in the fact that he only wants to befriend beautiful people. He has a thing for people with dramatic pasts or people with troubling lifestyles because he's bored with his own lifestyle. People are entertainment for him.
He thinks life in general is boring, and the only time he can put much effort into anything is when he finds someone he wants; in that case, he can be manipulative in the process of getting it. When he finds that someone, he's very accustomed to getting him. People don't deny an oppurtunity to be nearer this attractive male.

Regarding normal people, a standard is set for them and everyone he meets, and if only if they meet these standards, will he attempt to befriend them.
He's hard to approach because he's generally rude or distant. He has a theory that everyone is fake and pretends to be something they're not to get people to like them, unless they prove otherwise. He knows the selfish nature of humans, and thinks people should just act like what they are. The only exception to his "everyone is fake" perception is cute people. He likes cute people alot, no matter how fake they might be. But he is picky, so "Cute" is based on his tastes

Kenichi's view on sex is that it's more or less a game. He'll do it with anyone if he thinks it'll be fun, regardless of gender. He thinks there is a difference between meaningless sex and romantic sex. Romantic sex he'll engage in with only a male he thinks he's in love with, but that hasn't happened yet.
When opened and friendly with someone, he is critical, and blunt; Kenichi is hardly sarcastic, although the way he puts things would make it seem so. He likes to make fun of people with contradicting statements or harsh comments, and is purely amused with the reactions he receives. Kenichi will do many underhanded things for a nice reaction, teasing, or completely serious.
Kenichi is increadibly selfish and used to getting whatever it is he wants.

This seme was born into a wealthy home, his father a high positioned chairman of a major trading company and his mother a tailor for high-industry fashion and design company.
He was accustomed to a life of luxury, but complete seriousness. He has a very square, business like frame of mind, and is a genius when it comes to foreign trends because of both his father and mother's line of work.

When he was young, he was told that great things were expected of him, that he could indulge in anything he wanted to career-wise, but knew that both of his parents intended for him to follow in either of their footsteps, and although it was a very basic, begrudging job that he didn't particularly care for, he knew that taking his father's position in the company would be the safest route to follow.
Growing up with a wary mind for stock market trends, Kenichi closed himself off from crazy friday nights to study and be at the top of his class, although he never quite made it to the top of the final exam-average listing.

In his final years of middle school, he found his mother cheating on his father with the director of "model photography" and that, alongside his pent-up anger and stress from his lack of result from his long, intense hours of studying, drove him to complete rage.
He acknowledged his mother's perky attitude around his father despite her one-time fling, and assumed this is how everyone was, on a basic scale; fake. He also began having sex, as a temporary relief from his boring, almost-top of the class, preplanned life.And that's how life was, and has been; Organized. Anticipated. Prepared. Unchanging.

//Cute Boys.
//Being pessimistic.
//French fashion trends.
//Bursting peoples' bubbles.
//Manipulating the power of his position on the student council to receive special privileges from teachers.

//Spicy foods.
//Ugly people.
//Annoying people.
//Most people, in general.
//School uniforms.
//Long telephone conversations.
//When people say things are priceless.
//When things ARE priceless.

//Active participation in the Stock-Market under his father's name
//Spending his sundays at a cafe lounge.

[.School Clubs.]
//Student Council.
//Debate Team.
//Future Business Leaders of Japan.
//Philosophy Club.

[.Student Ranking.]

//Always 2nd or 3rd from the top of the class.

//Best Friend is female.
//Likes chilled pudding.
//Excellent taste in clothing, but doesn't care for shopping.
//Will do alot of things to be entertained, as long as it doesn't harm his ego, pride, or dignity.
//Likes to have the final word.

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The Second Queen, Who Must Also Be Obeyed

Number of posts : 40
Age : 25
Location : LOL. You don't need to know. ;3
Registration date : 2008-04-06

PostSubject: Re: k.e.n.i.c.h.i.;;.h.i.d.e.y.o.s.h.i.   Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:10 am

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