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 >> Joyful Hye Yoon <<

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PostSubject: >> Joyful Hye Yoon <<   Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:20 am

Name: Hye Yoon Kim "Joy"

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Blood Type: B+

Date of Birth: December 26

Horoscope: Capricorn

Sexual Orientation: Pansmexual


Hometown: Busan, South Korea // Tokyo, Japan

Birthplace: Busan, South Korea

Parents // Guardians:
Father - Kyung Jung Kim, 41 years of age
Mother - Yoon Joo Kim, deceased since Joy was eight years old
Uncle from mother's side - Sang Do Kim "Sam", 34 years of age

AT Information: Joy's ATs are predominantly black. The outer layer is made of a shiny material, giving off a sleek look. Thin blue stripes of color line the footwear, crisscrossing over the obsidian black carapace. The ATs have sleeves that go up to mid-leg level with black leather straps that secure the sleeves tightly to her legs. You could say the leather restraints are a bit kinky looking, but she simply likes the feeling of them bound around her legs.

Team: -N/A-

Team Information: -N/A-

Rank: F-Rank

Team Rank: -N/A-


Skittles Skills:

Endurance: 15
Stamina: 10
Close Combat: 13
Long Distance Combat: 5
Ambush Attacking: 12
Blocking: 10
Evasiveness: 20
Speed: 10
Strategy: 23
Wallride & Trick: 10
Jump: 9
Reflexes: 18

TOTAL: 180.




Height: 157.5 centimeters, 5'2
Weight: 51kg, 112 pounds
Hair Color: Dyed her generic black hair to a coral orange
Eye Color: Fiery Red (The red hue is from contacts, her real eye color is a light hazel)
Skin Color: Plushy pink

Joy sports a vibrant cascade of orange hair that extends to waist level. It is lustrous and silky from constant brushing and good care taking. She stares out through bright-eyed fiery pupils which take in her surroundings with an insatiable hunger. She almost always has some sort of smile on her face. Overall, her facial looks are usually carefree and fun loving. Her body frame is lean and slightly athletic, however, she is nowhere near anorexia. The signs of a rider is less evident in her body since she has just started the activity. Her limbs are long and limber with an adequate layer of muscle. Her skin is unmarred from any tattoos and piercings, still in its pure pristine state. However, she wouldn't mind getting one if any sort of persuasion was placed on her.

The joyful Korean is naturally fashionable. She is able to subconsciously pick out an attractive outfit, although this may just be from the fact that she is female. She almost always wears something that is colorful and full of life, usually staying away from dark and gloomy clothing. That's not to say that her wardrobe is devoid of any of those types of apparel, just that she focuses more on the former. She also tends to veer away from stuffy and "professional" clothes, preferring casual attire. Joy also has a slight fetish for scarfs and almost always has one wrapped around her delicate neck. Bound tightly or hanging loosely, she wears them in a variety of fashions.

When not wearing her ATs, she has on boots or a pair of sky blue Converse All Stars cloak her feet.


Casual Information

* Air Trek
* Music~!
* Dragons, rawr :3
* Beaches
* Chocolate
* Soft and plushy things
* The colors: pale pink, chocolate brown and sky blue

* People who disregard other people's beliefs
* Cigarette smoke
* Relishes
* Overpowering smells, they make her dizzy
* Her father
* Overly aggressive people

* Composing music with her various instruments
* Riding
* Sleeping
* Reading

School Clubs:
* Geetar Clubz
* Anime Club
* Subdivisions of Anime Club: Non-mainstream, Yaoi // Yuri
* Martial Arts Club, also a student of a local dojo

Student Type: Joy couldn't care less about schoolwork. She hardly expends any real attention to any subject that doesn't interest her, however, she still somehow gets mostly As and Bs. Must be because she's Korean >_>

Fears: She fears that she'll never get the coldness out of her heart.

The first thing that you would think when you see Joy is that she lives up to her name. She acts cheerful and happy around people. It's almost as if she exudes this cheerfulness out like some sort of aura. But if you probe a little deeper, you can see that it's only a facade. She merely uses the fake cheerfulness to mask her insecurity inside. She desperately wants someone to want her, but she can't bring herself to open up to most people, at least not with some persuasion. She is cold and calculating, looking at numbers and statistics more than feelings and friendship. And even if there was only 0.01% chances of her succeeding, she would strive to succeed. This might incur a risky outlook towards life, but she doesn't care. You could say that all this began when her mother left this world.

Joy was born as Hye Yoon Kim at year's end. She was born during a time of seasonal death, and death seemed to follow her in the process. Although the first eight years of her life were all peaches and creams, at the advent of her eighth birthday, her mother was killed in a tragic car accident. Shortly after, her father seemed to lose all will to continue on. He started slacking off in work and took to drinking. He was eventually laid off, and the family's money started dwindling. Of course, Joy was also traumatized by the death of her mother, but she couldn't let her father go to blazes like this. She persuaded him incessantly that if he couldn't find a way to earn money, they would lose what little they had left. Seeing his daughter in such a stressed state (and at the tender age of eight no less), he seemed to gain renewed vigor. He searched for any sort of job high and low. Finally, finally, he managed to find a suitable job. He worked long and hard to earn the money necessary to sustain the family of two.

For seven years, life took place more or less as usual. Of course, her mother wasn't around to greet her anymore, and her father was almost never around due to his long work hours. Joy also became more and more distant from her friends, spending more time studying and boosting her grades. For seven years, this was how life was. Until of course, that fated day.

Joy was studying through the midnight hours about a particularly advanced subject when her father stumbled through the door. The last seven years of his life was spent being abstinent, staying away from the dreaded substance. However, on this day, his body reeked of the fumes of alcohol. Who knows, maybe it was a rough day at work, and he and some of his colleagues decided to go out for a well deserved drink. Anyways, Joy rushed to his side to help him up. But when she got near her father, he smacked her away, striking her face with the back of his hand. She was taken off guard by her father's audacious actions and fell backwards. The adult figure rose to his feet groggily, staring down at his daughter through bloodshot eyes. Suddenly, he began to physically abuse the teenager, sputtering out incomprehensible drivel. He seemed to be consumed in some unexplained anger. "It's your fault that she's dead, your fault!" It was the alcohol affecting him, turning him against his own flesh and blood.

And this wasn't a one time event. He soon became addicted to the influential drug, and every time he came home in a drunken haze, he would beat his child. After each beating, Joy lost another bit of warmth in her heart. By the time that a year and a half of this treatment was over, she had grown cold and merciless from the abuse she endured. In the middle of her sixteenth year, she got a call from an uncle from her mother's side. Sang Do, or "Sam", had heard that she was aspiring to be an artist of some kind. Through a few more questions, he learned that she wanted to be a musician. Well Joy was in luck, Sam was currently in Japan living as a budding musician. He described the various opportunities Joy would have at refining her skills as a musician in Japan. He offered to become Joy's guardian for a few years so that she could come visit, as long as she had her father's consent. Compared to living with her father, this offer was hard to resist. She immediately began packing for her jaunt to Japan. She didn't tell her father until the last moment, telling him that she would now be living with her uncle in Japan. Being the Japanese hating Korean he was, he was first vehemently against the idea. But then he had a cruel change of heart, telling her that with one less mouth to feed, maybe he could finally get out of the ditch of poverty. Joy left the man in silence.

With directions from her uncle, she took a taxi to the airport where he greeted her. A plane ride later, she emerged to another land, Tokyo. She took to the bustling metropolis almost immediately, loving it immensely.

Only a few months ago did she first find out about ATs. She found them almost as entertaining as music, and she quickly bought a standard pair with some money that she had earned. And that's where we left off, 17 years of age, six months spent in Tokyo.


* Ambidextrous
* Speaks fluent Korean and Japanese. Learning the basics of English and German
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PostSubject: Re: >> Joyful Hye Yoon <<   Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:01 am

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>> Joyful Hye Yoon <<
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