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 !! Mask_of an Actor}

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PostSubject: !! Mask_of an Actor}   Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:47 am

Name: Kiyoshi Onizuka, Kiyo to those close to him

Age: 18
Sex: A guy
Blood Type (optional): AB
Date of Birth: 02.24
Horoscope (optional): Pisces
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hometown: Ocean City, Maryland
Birthplace: Ocean City, Maryland
Parents (optional):
Siblings (optional): None
AT Information (optional): Dark, non-reflective black body covered in various straps and buckles. The ATs rise a little higher than regular ATs making them appear more boot-like than normal ATs as well as reducing the chance of injuring his ankle. The wheels, primarily black, sport dark green tribal patterns that blur together when riding at full speed.
Team: N/A
Team Information (optional): N/A
Rank: F for Failurific
Team Rank: N/A


  • Endurance: "15"
  • Stamina: "15"
  • Close Combat: "25"
  • Long Distance Combat: "5"
  • Ambush Attacking: "5"
  • Blocking: "15"
  • Evasiveness: "25"
  • Speed: "30"
  • Strategy: "10"
  • Wallride & Trick: "10"
  • Jump: "15"
  • Reflexes: "10"

TOTAL: 180.

[ ۞] [ ۞]

Height: 5’9
Weight: 170lbs
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Dull Blue
Skin Color: Tanned

Kiyoshi sports Raven Black hair and Dull Blue eyes that unnerve people who don’t know him. He lacks any form of piercing or tattoos despite the wave of popularity that the markings had gone through during his time in both Maryland and Tokyo, and his blue eyes poke out between the bangs of his hair which reaches down to the base of his neck. His appearance overall is very well kept and shows that he’s used to dealing with people higher on the social ladder than he generally appears to be. He can wear almost anything, though, and is at home in close that fit a student as he is in clothes that befit someone of a social standing several notches higher than his own.

Alternating between the black-on-white appearance of someone dressed for professional business and the hectic styles popular amongst kids these days, Kiyoshi has no set style of clothes. He wears what he feels is appropriate with little care or regard to what others believe save when it is necessary (such as business or a performance). His wardrobe shares one thing regardless of the style, though. None of his clothes are tight fitting, all are relaxed and comfortable, providing him the ability to move around that he requires. Beyond just that, however, they hide the above-average amount of muscle he’s developed over the years of martial arts.

Beyond that the only set style he has is that he doesn’t wear his more professional looking clothes while riding his ATs.

To sum Kiyoshi’s personality up one could say he is a man who’s entire life is the stage of an act. Kiyoshi is a man who has grown up acting the way everyone else wants him to act without losing sight of his own personality: a sadistic man with a desire to show everyone else that he’s nothing short of the best. Whatever face he needs to adopt, whatever personality he needs to make his own, is a small price to pay for the title of the best. An iron will that keeps him together, however, is the key to his disguise. With his drive Kiyoshi has managed to be everyone and anyone he needs to without losing sight of who he himself if and in a sense very well may have gained a better understanding of himself then a majority of the world will ever obtain.

The most prominent aspect of Kiyoshi’s personality is his burning drive to prove his superiority at everything he does. It is a passion that is more often than not hidden behind a mask of disinterest and ice-cold calculations that he has become accustom to showing those he amongst only friends. Despite being an intensely driven person he is incredibly level-headed and calculating, hesitating not a bit to use others to his own ends and feeling no sorrow for doing so. He generally keeps people at arms length until he understand them and can determine if they’re worth keeping around and has no issues telling people what he thinks of them so long as it doesn’t hinder his goals.

Amazingly enough, despite being such a manipulative bastard, Kiyoshi is fiercely loyal to anyone he deems worth of keeping around. This is in part due to his own personal code which he keeps a closely guarded secret. However this personal code of conduct is the only thing that keeps his sadistic side from lashing out whenever people cross him and prevents him from becoming arrogant. He demands the respect he’s earned from others but at the same time expects it only from those he’s proven it to personally and finds it annoying and odd when people he doesn’t know respect him. Just as he expects from others he’s proven himself to he is always willing to give out respect where respect is in fact due. Alas as someone who has a tendency to be brutally honest he’s also very likely to come across as arrogant when he explains exactly why someone doesn’t have his respect in rather blunt and sometimes rude terms.

Kiyoshi’s past is nothing overly fancy or amazing for the most part. Born to a relatively ‘well off’ family in Maryland he grew up in the sun and sand of the beach and surrounded by pretty ladies. Throughout his life he was an avid member of acting societies and lived the life of the ‘perfect child’ to help his parents raise through the social ranks in Maryland. His life was utterly uneventful leading up to his early teen years, no different than any other teenage guy that pretended to be someone he wasn’t in front of strangers to help his parents. And help it did as he created social contacts for his parents through the sons and daughters of other wealthy business owners.

For many years he kept up this act while secretly growing resentful of the idiots who weren’t able to spot that it wasn’t really him. When he turned fourteen Kiyoshi finally, after years of slaving as someone else for his parents, gained the ability to express himself in ways he chose. This was an important year for Kiyoshi as he entered into the theatre group at his school as well as a Mixed Martial Arts school. Never before had he been so thoroughly beaten in anything in his life as he was in acting skill and talent for the martial arts. The shame he felt in being beaten in two things he’d desired to succeed in lit a fire within Kiyoshi that burned with a dangerous intensity. Over the course of the next three years he devoted himself entirely to his studies. The physical study of Martial Arts where his sadistic urges clashed with the principals of self control, the fine arts studies where he honed his acting abilities to near perfection, and the in the field of linguistics to aid his parents in their quest to conquer the oversea markets for their goods.

Within those three years Kiyoshi’s academic marks were higher than ever before, something his parents never ceased praising him for and something he took no pride in. He’d moved beyond caring about what the half-hearted teachers thought of his work. The only true reward that it gave him was a chance to study in Japan in an exchange student program. Jumping at the opportunity he spent two years in Japan, finishing off his high school career and discovering an intense distaste for police and criminals everywhere. Both, in his eyes, had wronged him when his grandparents, still living in Japan and offering him a place to stay during his Exchange Program, were the victims of a robbery and the police proved incapable of catching the AT-Using culprit. Disliking anything that couldn’t do the job that it was designed to do, and anyone who broke the rules or crossed those he cared about, he’s informed his family that he’ll be attending a University in Japan for a double major in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. If the police couldn’t do their job on their own he’d do it for them and in this case that meant being a rider who could catch anyone else in the AT world.

Casual Information


  • Drinking
  • Proving his superiority
  • Attention he feels he deserves
  • Keeping track of crimes in his area
  • Studying
  • Acting


  • Liars
  • Overly Happy or Depressed people
  • Bi-Polar People
  • Ass Kissers
  • Unearned attention
  • People who refuse to stop hitting on him
  • Idiots
  • People who rely totally on others
  • Weak-willed people
  • Police
  • Those who break the rules


  • Reading
  • Practicing AT
  • Martial Arts
  • Acting
  • Cosplay (A result of being an actor and in Japan)
  • Taking Pictures

School Clubs:
  • Student Council Historian
  • Acting Club President

Student Type (optional): A-B

Fears: Being seen as dependent on others or incapable, as well as being stupid enough to be used by others without his knowledge.


  • ♠♣♥♦ Sadist
  • ♠♣♥♦ Fluent in English, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, and French
  • ♠♣♥♦ Looking into Universities
  • ♠♣♥♦ Ambidextrous
  • ♠♣♥♦ Has been in the theater clubs for his school his entire life
  • ♠♣♥♦ Has reading glasses
  • ♠♣♥♦ Dual Citizenship in America and Japan

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PostSubject: Re: !! Mask_of an Actor}   Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:56 am

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!! Mask_of an Actor}
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