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 i m p e r i a l i s t i c -- EGOcentr[i.]c;;

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PostSubject: i m p e r i a l i s t i c -- EGOcentr[i.]c;;   Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:42 pm

→ 『♔』 PRiNCE of an ethereal fleet;;

Name: Shirogitsune, Kin.
・ Etoile-sama.[Sometimes ’-kun.’] 
・ Kinky Kin.
・ Horny Devil.
Age: 16.
Sex: Androgynous. [M]
Blood Type: O -
Date of Birth: THEE twenty-fifth of November.
Horoscope: Sagittaurus.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Pansexual -- Shit, he just likes everything that looks fuckable.
Hometown: Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Birthplace: Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Parents: Shirogitsune Toushiro (father); Shirogitsune Hikari (mother).
Siblings: None.
AT Information: Mostly all black leather, except for the tongue, which is crafted to have leopard print sewn over it; made to impersonate leopard creepers. The only slight difference would be the obvious distinguishment between the AT's boot height, and a regular pair of creeper's stunted built. His air-treks' side profile consist mostly of studs plastered all over. At the back of both air-trek, you'll find a sharp spiral made to 'carve,' per say. Since his father recently bought out an Air Trek manufacturing company and its highly noted design team, Kin has the privilege of having an incessant supply of AT parts and above-average wheel cores. That being said, I can't really say he sticks to a single pair of wheels for more than two months. If you're a pretty keen-sighted person, you'd probably notice that every single set of wheels has this miniature-themed morphing of some deteriorated skull with an imperialistic crown, the linage's surname engraved in the nether region of the respective symbol.
Team: None.
Rank: F-rank.

Endurance: 20.
Stamina: 15.
Close Combat: 20.
Long Distance Combat: 10.
Ambush Attacking: 17.
Blocking: 10.
Evasiveness: 10.
Speed: 20.
Strategy: 15.
Wallride & Trick: 15.
Jump: 13.
Reflexes: 15.
TOTAL: 180.

Height: 5'5.5"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair Color: A ravishing Onyx.
Eye Color: Ardently scarlet.
Skin Color: Pale.
Appearance: Uh, to put it short. Kin hates plain unexciting clothing. He thrives on pattern, design, texture, colour, and most of all -- creativity. He won't ever be seen wearing an outfit more than once a week, unless it's the designated school uniform. But even to the school uniform — he gives it total rebirth in the sense of appearance and quality; adding patches, favourited patterns, and anything random from time to time. When not in his ATs, he sports T.U.K creepers or Dr. Marten boots to no fucking end. His leopard creepers are his favourite though, hence why he transformed his own AT to be akin to the very pair. The Kinster is very feminine and distinguishably masculine all at the same time. That scrawny frame of his lets him pull off crossdressing if the opportunity ever crosses his mind, the whole notion often causing a bunch of controversy whenever he sports the attire in public. He doesn't have much extra body fat due to his smoking habit. And honestly, he's damn proud of it.
・ Cigarettes
・ Daffodils
・ Fashion
・ Clothes
・ Design
・ Visual kei
・ Eroguro
・ Gentleman's Club
・ SEX POT ReVenGe.
・ h. NAOTO

・ Obnoxious people
・ Plain/Boring
・ Sunny weather
・ Harangues by the head
・ Teasing

・ Verbal Rape
・ Smoking
・ Putting together pattern & texture
・ Going to lives/show/runways
・ Drawling/Writing
・ Thinking
・ ATing
・ Inflicting violence among others.

Personality: Kin is .. uh .. a bad ass and a rebel, to sum it up. He doesn't really care for people's opinions or beliefs. He's very blunt and upfront about everything; even about the slightest flaw or enrichment. Sometimes a bit too blunt. In result, he ends up intimidating people, and giving off a bad impression. A total social hazard; he likes to tease people, make scandalous comments, and be a public pervert. His method of thought is demented and usually disturbing. —HORMONES— drive his intentions completely when it comes to people — as in, he doesn't care if the other party doesn't want anything to do with him, he just goes for it. The tougher the task, the more gratifying it is for him in the end. But on the other hand, he cares deeply for his close friends and is extremely generous towards them. And hey, if you catch his eye as intriguing, he'll do quite anything to get your attention.
As the title implies, the Kinster is definitely not a steady-relationship guy. The very thought of selling his loyalty to one single person is terrifying, and usually ends up in horrific nightmares that the heir can't bare to endure. Hardly has the urge to pick just one individual crossed his mind in all his years of dating. However, that doesn't mean that he wasn't frequented by encouraging opportunities in the past. But rather than abiding to the counterpart's plea, he would much rather shove them aside and continue on to the Gentlemen's Club for a lascivious night. Some of them left after such treatment, and some stayed on the sidelines — silently hoping that the multi-millionaire would change his mind in the future. To their fucking dismay though, the Kinster hasn't had any thoughts of such a thing happening anytime soon. Love triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons — let the list go on, 'cause it never ends — are all normal for this androgyny beauty to topple over. But even though he reigns over anyone else in the area of heart~breaking, the Kinster is definitely a man with charm embedded in those vermilion lone sights. When someone catches his interest, he doesn't stop at the border of some shit called ' gender. ' As long as they merit a measure of absolute poise in their beauty, then he's there . . . there and horny as fucking hell. When he does corner the ' prey ' in, he makes sure to provide diligent care in the progressing relationship. Just 'cause he's a total fuckwad when he breaks up with you, doesn't mean he isn't a romantist, thank you very much. When it comes to love-rivals — he just crosses the boundary of mutual hate into an area of directed violence. (:
History: One could say Kin's life was desirable to an extent that surpassed usual yearn; it was one that could trifle any emperor's son's, and definitely suited a Prince. Borne from two family lines that are declared some of the most prestigious in Tokyo's borders, the child brewed from the two lineages was everything both families could ask for. A tie that would finally weld the Keio and the Shirogitsune together into a integrity-binding and overly successful lineage that would surely claim its class for generations on end. From the Keio family came the spontaneous, spunky, and happy-go-lucky blonde Hikari -- the successful fashion major that single-handedly ran the Keio's chain of twenty-something department stores in the fashion region of Shinjuku. She was praised righteously for her talent in design, and beamed among her graduating class at Yazagaku before taking over the family business. The Keio's Head could have never preferred having a son over Hikari, since she was the heir that would finally stabilize the Keio family's previous loopholes in business.

From the Shirogitsune family came the genius of the century, the prodigy that graced the surname every once in a hundred years, and undeniably the most suitable heir to the corporate kingdom that their precedents left behind -- Toushiro. Naturally, he excelled exponentially in school and surpassed even the scholars that lectured him in university. Upon being offered the chance to go study abroad in the United States, he enrolled in Harvard U and finished the rest of his business career there. Once the trivial years in school had been done with, he migrated back to Japan to where he had a legacy of companies to run and the love of his life to meet. They didn't meet on their own will, actually. It had been in of those midnight-shows were highly-noted composers played for the wealthiest of the wealthiest, and the most fabulous of the media-prone scene. Considering the fact that Toushiro was known for his womanizing antics, it had been a pretty difficult task to accomplish at first. That is, the ploy he had forged with his good ole buddies from Tokyo U back in the day to get into the Keio heir's pantaloons. With all bullshit aside though, the two ended up forming this hate-love relationship after a one-night stand that kicked off what was like a miracle to the two imperialistic family lines.

What followed were spontaneous events that would have occurred in any other marriage, and it's no wonder that the bond between the two corporate packs was tighter than ever: a heir to both lineages had been born. Like any other filthy-rich child, Kin grew up with amenities that were fit for the Emperor's own son and then some. And since he was the only child to be born between the duo, the spoiling was beyond natural extent and the rotten nature was a given. Once the teenage years had claimed territorial claim over the youth though, things sort of ' slipped ' -- or even tripped -- and rolled downhill. Mainly because of the influence of those highly-regarded Air Treks that seemed to leech onto the era's generation with a tantalizing order. The abrasive indifference towards family matters and rise in hormone-prone scenarios didn't help the situation either.

・ Smokes too much for his own damn good.
・ ” Walking contradiction.”
・ Has a small Persian kitton that gets pampered way too much named GLiTTERTiTS.
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PostSubject: Re: i m p e r i a l i s t i c -- EGOcentr[i.]c;;   Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:11 am

It's so cute to see the Horn King in such a vulnerable restart :>
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PostSubject: Re: i m p e r i a l i s t i c -- EGOcentr[i.]c;;   Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:29 am



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PostSubject: Re: i m p e r i a l i s t i c -- EGOcentr[i.]c;;   

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i m p e r i a l i s t i c -- EGOcentr[i.]c;;
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