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 {I n n o c e n c e}

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PostSubject: {I n n o c e n c e}   Thu Jan 29, 2009 10:44 pm


{What's my age again?}

Age: 15
Sex: Guy.
Blood Type: AB+
Date of Birth: August 11th.
Horoscope: Leo; the lion.
Sexual Orientation: Straight. (He guesses.)

{I've been here before a few times, and I'm quite aware, we're dieing.}

Hometown: Shibuya, Japan.
Birthplace: Shibuya, Japan.
Parents: Mother
Misuka Omazi; A quiet woman who cares greatly for her son.
Takanari Omazi; Known for being a loud person, much like his son.
Siblings: Little brother
-Natsume; age 7.
AT Information: Hiro's ATs are a combination of spring colors such as red and orange. They would look perfectly normal if it weren't for an accident with a seven year-old boy and some sharpies. Now Hiro's ATs are covered with stick figures and 'Big Brothur'.
Rank: F

{Their anger hurts my ears.}

Endurance: 17
Stamina: 17
Close Combat: 15
Long Distance Combat: 13
Ambush Attacking: 14
Blocking: 11
Evasiveness: 16
Speed: 18
Strategy: 13
Wallride & Trick: 16
Jump: 13
Reflexes: 17

Total: 180

Height: 5''7
Weight: 155lbs.
Hair Color: Golden Yellow.
Eye Color: Burning Sun.
Skin Color: Ripe Peach; Somewhat tan in summer.

Appearance: Hiro has a very Ďbad boyí style. He likes ripped and faded jeans, and chains too. But he absolutetly hates leather. The thought of wearing animal skin disgusts him. As for shirts he like layed things, or anything normal. Fashion isnít really his thing, so he usually just wears jeans and a tee shirt when riding. Heís usually pouting or frowning, but when heís happy Hiro is like a ray of sunshine with his golden hair. Due to his behavior, he also had a bandage somewhere on his body 90% of the time.

{Hope you've enjoyed this time, you gave it all away.}

Personality: The very first thing you should know about Hiro, is that he's allergic to girls, literally. Ever since he can remember, when a girl got to close he would sneeze, itch, and sniff. The doctors are baffled by his case. Heíll even break out in hives when a girl stays too close for too long. His own mom canít kiss him because of it. Itís a big drawback, leaving him rather cross about dating. Since he distances himself from girls, he seems to spend a litte too much time with guys, and he seems to be a litte too friendly and too open.
Other than his girl troubles, Hiro is a complete and total yanki. Heíll keep to himself, but he canít help but seek attention from others at times. He tries to act like a no-good punk, but in reality heís a total softy. He can be rather charming when he lets his guard down.
With his attitude, Hiro can be either extremely lazy, or as hyper as a cheetah on crack. And he can be found usually sleeping, in or under, trees, or burning energy riding.

History: Hiro had a tough childhood. He was often picked on and beat up, which is how he learned to fight, and which most likely set him on his ways. Heís only ever had one real friend over his years. Her name was Momo, she was probably the only girl Hiro ever got close too. They were inseperable, but when it came down to it, she turned on him and humiliated him. He doesnít really like to talk about it. It left him mentally scarred, and he now has a somewhat fear of getting to close to people.

{Turn the lights off, carry me home.}

feeling the wind when he rides.
playing the piano.
food, and a lot of it.
accomplishing thing.
Making people smile, yet he won't admit it.
very loud music.

the cold, he gets cold rather easily.
healthy foods, he loves junk food.
people being too nice to him.
being woken up from naps.
when people care too much about how they look.

kicking or punchin random objects when angry.
sleeping and eating in random places.
riding ATs.

School Clubs:
Kendo Club.
LSI. (Lazy Students Inc.)

Student Type: Hiro isn't exactly the brightest crayon in the box. It's mostly due to the fact that he sleeps in class, and he could care less.

{I'd never thought, I'd die alone.}

Fears: Losing everything he cares about, having nothing to live for, rodents, girls.

can play the piano very well, his favorite song is Moonlight Sonata.
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PostSubject: Re: {I n n o c e n c e}   Sun Feb 01, 2009 7:36 pm

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{I n n o c e n c e}
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