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 F R i N G E ## {B|L|A|C|K C|A|T}

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She Who Must Be Obeyed

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PostSubject: F R i N G E ## {B|L|A|C|K C|A|T}   Wed Jan 28, 2009 11:40 pm

H e l l o , S e a t t l e

Name|| Fringe (won't tell his real name)
Sex|| XY ; Male
Blood Type|| AB-
Date of Birth|| March 3
Horoscope|| Pisces
Sexual Orientation|| Confused
Hometown|| Tokyo, Japan
Nagasaki, Japan

Team|| n/a
Rank|| f
Team Rank|| n/a

B R I N G I T , K I T T Y
I w i l l d i s g u i s e m y s e l f a s a s l e e p i n g p i l l ...

Endurance|| 4
Stamina|| 15
Close Combat|| 3
Long Distance Combat|| 10
Ambush Attacking|| 40
Blocking|| 3
Evasiveness|| 25
Speed|| 20
Wallride & Trick|| 20
Jump|| 10
Reflexes|| 20

T O T A L || 1 8 0

(more pictures concealed in spoiler tags at bottom of profile!)

Height|| 5'6"
Weight|| 114 lbs
Hair Color|| Deep Royal Magenta with sections of Jet Black
Eye Color|| Night Cat Yellow
Skin Color|| Porcelain

Appearance|| Fringe definately has a rather small build and is stereotyically shorter than most boys his age. He's extremely agile, and has fairly thin legs, very nice for skinny jeans for which he refuses to wear. His hair color is a rich royal magenta naturally, a rather girly color that he tries to make more masculine by dying sections black. Because of his nicely styled hair, he is often labelled as an "emo kid". He dressed clean cut, usually, with tight shirts and loose pants. His favorite are cargo pants. He also tends to wear things around his neck, usually wrappings, but occasionally chokers, chains, and rarely collars. His eyes can paralyze someone in breif shock of the color. Like a cat reflecting light.

Personality|| He has a sarcastic bite and a sharp tongue when irritated, which he often is. He attempts to shoo people away from him with mean comments. Though on the outside he appears to have self confidence, internally, he is somewhat insecure. Gullible and forgiving, he fears being taken advantage of. He is also easily jealous, but no necessarily possessive. When something hurts him emotionally, he always pretends that it doesn't hurt him.
Though people hurt him often, these are the people that he is cursed to follow, befriend, and even to fall in love with. Because of watching too many soaps, and reading too many love novels (lots of yaoi mangas, too), he is a helpless romantic, and though he hates to admit, submissive to anyone who can speak pretty words.
Cold on the outside, he is critical with a lot of things; picky. Though he hates the "badass" style, he can't help but feel ironically attracted to it. Annoyed by most women, he tends to avoid them, and finds himself leaning towards men, which disgusts himself. He is pretty confused, sexually.

History|| To be r e v e a l e d ...


I f a l l a s l e e p i n h o s p i t a l p a r k i n g l o t s

♪ high places
♪ dried fish & milk
♪ time to himself
♪ reading
♪ to fix his bangs
♪ good song lyrics
♪ neck accessories
♪ chocolates


tight spaces
skinny jeans
allergic reactions

chewing gum
people who show off
super big breasts

♪ bathing
♪ texting
♪ watching soap opera & reading yaoi mangas
(by himself ofcourse!)

School Clubs||
Student Council
Theatre Arts

Student Type|| Fringe could be a pretty smart student, but is too lazy to give a shit. He makes B's and the occasional C, due to his lack of interest in schooling. Instead of focusing on his schoolwork, he finds better things in his free time to do. Such as texting. In class when asked questions, he can never them correctly, but when tests arrive, he studies like mad to keep a surviving grade.

Fears|| Claustrophobic. Paranoid. Terrified of Air Planes.


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She Who Must Be Obeyed

Number of posts : 125
Age : 25
Location : TEXAS 8D
Registration date : 2008-04-05

PostSubject: Re: F R i N G E ## {B|L|A|C|K C|A|T}   Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:36 pm

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F R i N G E ## {B|L|A|C|K C|A|T}
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