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 KOUNO, kokoro.

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PostSubject: KOUNO, kokoro.   Wed Jan 28, 2009 4:52 am

        " m i r a m e "
        look at me, and only me

        name kokoro kouno.
        nickname ko-chan.
        age fifteen - sixteen.
        sex male.
        blood-type a-plus.
        date of birth may twenty-first.
        horoscope gemini.
        sexual orientation straight.

        hometown tokyo.
        birthplace yokohama.
        siblings message me if interested.
        air-treck information unavailable yet.

        team information
        rank f.
        team rank

        " p o r - f a v o r "
        please destroy me, destroy all of me

        endurance 25.
        stamina 15.
        close combat 20.
        long distance combat: 8.
        ambush attacking 4.
        blocking 10.
        evasiveness 20.
        speed 20.
        strategy 18.
        wallride and trick 5.
        jump 15.
        reflexes 20.

        total 180.

        " c o n - g u s t o "
        mirror mirror, with pleasure, love

        [ ] [ ] [ ]

        height five feet and six inches.
        weight one hundred thirteen pounds.
        hair color blonde with hints of dark strands.
        eye color mix of aquamarine and chartreuse.
        skin color creamy white.

        appearance framed with an almost fragile atmosphere, kokoro has more often than not been treated unkindly by many of his peers those of whom had taken advantage of his apparent tolerance for bruises and scrapes, punches and kicks. Because of this more-than-once miserable outcome, it is of no wonder why he would be easily caught in bandages countless of times within the public eye it has practically became his identification, his reputation, his image, as a " punching bag " for those in a need of venting physically. Despite his obvious signs of injury, kokoro never fails to stand in a perfect, graceful manner - even though beaten by twisted ankles or wounded arms; he reeks of stubborn quality, an aspect several of his violent-loving predators find to be quite . . . annoying.

        One inquisitive glance at kokoro might as well transform to one of wonder and worry. With band-aids and ivory wraps hugging areas of his smooth flesh, it is quite common to question the walking wounded puzzle. If one is to ever bring their gaze away from the questionable injuries, they would notice how pretty the young male is - that is, if his hurt skin did not garner most of their undivided, concerned attention. Whether if it meant digging himself a deeper grave or not, kokoro is never afraid to show an expression of sharp sarcasm to his enemies - usually provoking them to hit harder and aggravating them even more. He never did like his rather girlish features - it was heavy baggage on him - and it was one of the reasons he looked so defenseless and vulnerable. It prompted the teasing, the violence. He had no idea of how many times he had been labeled as a ' girl ' before while walking on the street (and surprisingly being rated as a " seven " or an " eight " in a one-to-ten scale, points were taken off for the lack of a chest), and he couldn't forget the bizzare events when a couple of construction workers would whistle behind him. Basically, kokoro was a ' pretty boy ' his fair skin, his androgynous taste in clothes, his silky and wavy hair, his long, batting eyelashes, and vivid teal eyes and indeed he was.

        For most of the years living in colorful ol' tokyo before moving to tatsumi port island, kokoro had always been mightily adored for his natural blonde hair it was to die for among young girls whom squealed over the pages of foreign models and anyone who contrasted to the ' average ' looks of a Japanese; anyone who was different. But that wasn't the case, he didn't like the attention he received kokoro wanted to be the same, not like some zoo animal, not like some pet to fawn over he wanted to blend in with the crowd. Then again, beggars couldn't exactly be choosers. So, why . . ? Out of those whom were born in the country, why was he " made " differently? His unkempt, wavy strands of gold were irritating, always hanging over his brows, poking at his larger-than-normal eyes; not to mention the rather quick rate of which they [his hair] grew. It was inconvenient. Layered and cropped perfectly to his neck with bangs unevenly curtaining over his brows, his rather rebel-ish style had been done with his own hands and a pair of scissors snipping the side bangs and disarming any out of place locks, the boy refuses to have his hair touched and mawled by professional stylists. That is, having to confront uncomfortable almond-shaped capsules onto his obvious bruises were not always a fun ride; he didn't care, anyways, about spending good money on his undeserving blonde tufts. Alas, what he wouldn't give to have natural black hair!

        Next to his ever-so opaque hair color are his eyes eyes of an enchanting aquamarine color with speckles of a very interesting shade of green, chartreuse, to be more precise. More than his brilliant attention-grabbing hair and his boyish-girlish features, kokoro's large eyes completely adds the charming " oomph "; in his unmanly image. Despite his unique color combination, he dislikes eye contact with others, and would usually break the gaze between eyes to bring his attention elsewhere - just as long as he would not have to see the expression of supposed pity on the other's face. If the eyes were the mirrors to a person's heart, you could say that it only holds partially true to kokoro; that is, his aquamarine orbs, being the center of focus, may effortlessly be noticed whenever he is either upset or angered. However, as a person who does not like to be looked down upon, he mostly ' fakes ' his expression, rarely kicking off his guard to the point, kokoro's brows are usually slanted downwards whilst his eyes take on a darker effect to literally say: " Bite me! ", and that's usually it.

        Influenced by an array of tokyo fashion and other known city styles to combine, kokoro has no problem wearing colors and displaying accessories, whether it be a red ribbon dangling from his neck or a plaid skirt over his skinny jeans, his tastes are certainly ' out there ', harboring a punkish rebel-like feel. His parents were his primary foundation for his sense of style. Because he traveled over different sections of the country during his years, he eventually took a liking to bits and parts of said aspects, experimenting with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

        " p e r d o n e "
        excuse me, i didn't mean to hate on you

          - high places like rooftops for instance
          - sugary sweets, especially jellybeans
          - small animals, birds and cats
          - strawberries, blueberries, any type of berry
          - reading, usually poems
          - food, isn't a picky eater
          - the outside air

          - being stared at for no apparent reason
          - being alone for long periods of time
          - being forced upon whenever
          - bitter tastes, medicine
          - strange people
          - spring time
          - surprises, gets startled easily
          - being told what to do
          - psychiatric hospitals

          - sewing
          - painting
          - running
          - writing
          - planting
          - listening to music
          - photography

          - left-handed
          - dwells in a psychiatric hospital

        school clubs
          - home economics
          - art society

        student-type to put it simply, kokoro is your typical boy who you would always see in the dark, pitiful corner of the room without any friends to associate with a loner, in such stereotypical words. That is, as a shunned " mental " patient of the youthful population, very few would have the gall to converse with him, especially when he is an oh-so lovable target of people twice his size. Get it? you make friends with him, bullies would assume you are a weak butthead and would presumptiously widen their range of unfortunate victims, also known as, " you ". Nonetheless, besides his social-deprived demeanor, kokoro is an average student, often scoring inconsistent grades in each assignment given. If there was a number, or at least a letter to describe his report card, it would be an " eighty ", or a " b ", at best. Considering his innumerable amount of absences during the school year, he is ' like a ghost ', appearing at one time and vanishing at the next, having some one or two students curiously remarking: " Had he always been there? "

          - ?

        personality cynical, apathetic, blunt the list goes on, and most of it isn't even positive, but that is what defines ' kokoro '. Kokoro is a unique individual, not the type who is willing to seek the bright company of others; however, is the type who would undoubtedly care less about it. Nevertheless, despite his indifferent attitude towards ' friends ' and of the like, he harbors a magnetic charm that refuses to let down, whereas some people find it to be attractive, though the reason, unknown. Perhaps one of the most common reasons of why he is unapproachable is due to the sense that . . . he can practically kill conversations, usually without meaning to. Sharp and unreasonably honest, kokoro dislikes beating around the bush to obtain what he desires; and likewise, finds people who do not get straight into the point, to be bothersome. ' Mature ' is what most adults would call him due to his reclusive and forward nature, yet ' immature ' is what people of his age would hiss at him thanks to his stubborn refusal to submit in " joining " activities. Shy? Ha, as if. Bullheaded, demanding, assured kokoro is a bit ' more ' than his average age group; a bit complex, but nothing more. Though coming off as a person who is ' always angry ', the picture is: he's full of energy. Passionate to his ' mission ', the blonde lad is capable of achieving the impossible, and could be considered ambitious to the point of ' self-destructive '. Because of his unyielding ability to never lose sight of his goal, he holds a surprising amount of pride one would never expect him to have.

        School is below his list of priorities. His academia say that he is not ' above-average ' or below, but he never gave his full heart into education; however, if he did, his grades would most certainly improve. Unfortunately, the boy's attention lays elsewhere. With piercing, cool blue orbs, analyzing people and things come easy to him therefore precision in his strategies is a must; it goes to say that he is intelligent only if he is in the mood to be. He often keeps information regarded as ' important ' stored into his head. Association with s-called " storm-rider gatherings " tends to be at a minimum, rarely attending outings that have no direction in it whatsoever, especially when attention is constantly brought forth to the air-treck crazed flock. Instead of gathering together, if with friends, he prefers to communicate through text. Because of his ' hidden ' tactics, it wouldn't be surprising if a person cannot pinpoint him out in the middle of a street, but not that it would be too hard - his outlandish appearance makes him stand out.

        To see kokoro's wrath is truly a sight to behold, seeing as though he rarely allows for his anger to spill into a form of action and words (even though he would show obvious irritation through expression). The phrase - ' forgive and forget ' - is not in his dictionary, and heck, when he holds grudges, he would seriously take it to his grave as a vengeful spirit. He holds trust dearly, and if promises or loyalty is broken, even if it is just once, he won't forget, and will most surely, cast a hateful aura. If somehow, his ' hate ' is restored, the trust he once had would be forever shattered - he'd have his guard; it's ' all or nothing '.

        The blank fifteen year-old has appeared with several variable " images " to several different people determined and hardworking, sarcastic and apathetic, or even loyal and protective yet the ' image ' one would most commonly come into conclusion to, is his unflattering negative side: bingo, ' sarcastic and apathetic '. As a closed teenager, he has very, very few acquaintances that he barely even acknowledges as ' friends ', but even then, such close adversaries would have ought to notice his more friendlier surface. Albeit secretly quiet to strangers, kokoro has been shown to be quite the charmer when it comes to people he is somewhat fond of, whereas his behavior switches to something of an opposite of his " usual " personality. Respectful, playful, and evidently reliable, the young kouno has a face in which most have yet to see; but one could not agree more that, indeed, he is still a teenager at heart, filled with confused emotions that he forcefully dismissed to become more resilient towards tearful drama and pain. A shell, he has become, taking in pain and keeping locked.

        Fascinating from the exterior, his very own uniquely designed clothes has brought many wandering eyes to his slender frame not that he likes the attention but he feels more comfortable living in his own " flesh ", otherwise he would more than gladly poke curious gazes out of his face. Clothes and fashion is his specialty as to which many other practical skills (cooking, cleaning, sewing) are in relation to his - " I'll do it myself " - attitude. Rarely does he ever rely on other people [ unless a situation required for company ], thus kokoro is always viewed to be in the side instead of the center of events, doing his own thing. Rules have nothing on him as he simply ' goes with the flow '. Once he has made of his mind, he'll stick with his supposed plan until it falls through.

        " n o - s e "
        don't know anything, don't want to


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KOUNO, kokoro.
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